In-Person Services

8:45am & 10:45am

Worship Center & Simulcast on the Patio | No Tickets Required


Updated Campus Expectations

For all individuals visiting our campus, our campus expectations include; pre-visit health check, face coverings or masks and physical distancing. Those campus expectations will be visibly marked around our campus as well as all entrances. All meeting rooms and corporate gatherings will be equipped with hand sanitizer and related cleaning supplies to promote health standard guidelines. Ingress and egress pathways will be visibly marked. The Worship Center and campus meeting spaces will be cleaned/sanitized between meeting times.

For more information on our campus expectations click the link below.
Grace Baptist Campus Expectations

Grace Kids Check-In

We're so excited to welcome back our youngest members of the Grace Family! Check in is now in our original spot inside of the Worship Center. Space is limited and will be determined by volunteer support. We are in need of helping hands! If you would like to volunteer, please email