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Our Foundations Thru Stories: Education

Deuteronomy 6:1-13; Ezra 7:10


Christian Delgado | Junior High Director

As God prepares Israel to enter into the promised land to live out their new communal identity as a holy nation and royal priesthood, He sets them up for success through His own education. God redeems education for Israel, making knowledge of Himself the center of all learning and practice post The Fall. Israel’s faithful education is to learn and love God through His Word, to keep the commandments upon their hearts and teach it to the next generation. This faithful education is counter cultural to the surrounding nations, serving as a beacon of God’s great love and redemption. Their story is our story, for the Church received this redeemed education through the power of the gospel. Faithful education in God’s truth influences everything that Christ-followers do and say, our identity, community, and influence all leading to an overwhelming hope in Jesus as the orchestrator of it all.

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