Adult Weekend Groups

If you have questions regarding any of the following adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes, please email Stephanie Foglesong

Sunday Morning 8:45am

Among Friends
Younger Families
Ages 30's and 40's
Leaders: Beau Leaman & Luke Neuman
Room D222
Foster, Adoption & Orphan Care
Leaders: Tim Wolkiewicz
1st Sunday of the Month
Room D217
Younger Families
Ages 20's to 30's
Leaders: Nate Carroll & Jesse Weldon
Room B205

Generations Fellowship
All ages 
Leaders: John Russell & Todd Brooks
Room D120/D121

Christ Followers
Couples & Singles
All ages
Leaders: Michael Grisanti & Todd Bolen
Room D220       
Couples & Singles
All ages                    
Leaders: Bryan Biggers & Richard Lee
Room D221
Coupled in Christ
All ages
Leaders:David Crissman, Mike Steinbock & Paul Butler
Room D223  
Life Together
All ages
Leaders: Jody & Cori Evans
Room D216
All ages              
Leaders: Teresa Ferdon
& Robin Betancourt
Room C116





Sunday Morning 10:45am

Christians in Action
Couples & Singles
Ages 20's to 70's 
Leaders: Bill McNeil & Paul Patané           
Room D217
Couples & Singles
Ages 50+                    
Leaders: Curt Gibson, Rod Martin
& Boyd Williams
Room D120/D121
Friends in Faith
Couples & Singles
Ages 50's to 80's 
Leaders: Sam Caloroso, Greg Quakenbush, Geoff Beckwith, BJ Atkins &  Steve Dixon   
Conference Center A4-5
Couples & Singles
Ages 40's to 60's
Leaders: Alan Ahlberg, Mike Caldwell,
Wayne Foglesong & Rick Llamas 
Room D223
Kindred Couples
Ages 50's to 70's
Leaders: Dan Hickok,
John Turner & Greg Richardson
Room D221

Spanish Adult Sunday School
Conference Center
Pastor: David Cea                                 
Spanish New Believers Class
(Baptism, etc.)
Contact: Maggie Barajas