Grace Baptist Student Ministry exists to develop and multiply mature followers of Jesus Christ; moving them from first faith to firm faith by equipping them with God’s Word, to live in God’s world, that they might demonstrate the supremacy of Christ in all things...

This Week in Student Ministry....


  • 08/24: Junior High - Meet in the F-Mod @ 7:00pm for Part 2 of Ricky's "Marks of a Child of God" mini-series; High School - Meet in the Conference Center @ 7:00pm.
  • 08/27: Junior High - Meet in the E-Mod @ 7:10pm. Grace Groups will continue in the study of the book of Genesis; High School - Meet in the F-Mod @ 7:10pm. Aaron will continue teaching out of the book of Genesis.
  • 08/28: Junior High and High School meet in the F-Mod @ 9:00am. Ricky starts a new series called <ETERNITY, a perspective on Heaven & Hell!
  • Have a wonderful week!

Here is the current GBC Medical Release Form Link...this will be valid through August 31, 2015 for all Student Ministry Events! Click on the link here...GBC MedForm. this is required for any Student Ministry Event...even camp!