Adult Weekend Groups

If you have questions regarding any of the following adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes, please email Wiley Kennedy
We invite you to visit any of our ABF's any time you would like. No need to call ahead of time, Just show up!

Saturday Night 7:10pm

1inHim                                                    Couples & Singles
Ages 40's to 60's
Leaders: Ken Ruggles, Alan Ahlberg,
Rick Llamas, Jim Scott & Scott Rudd           Room D221
Thru The Bible
Multi-generationalAges vary
Leader: Randy Osborne
Room C116  
Younger Families
Ages 20's to 30's
Leaders: Nate Carroll & Nick Pate
Room D222
Young Families
Ages 30's to 50's
Leaders: John Long, Mark Fincher &             Jon Bondarczuk
Room D220
Multigenerational for Couples & Singles
Ages 20's to 50's
Leaders: Wiley Kennedy & Mike Wilke
Room D120/D121                                      


Sunday Morning 9:00 am

Among Friends
Younger Families
Ages 30's and 40's
Leader: Michael Taylor 
Co-Leader:  Jeff Herrera       
Room C116
Single Moms
Ages vary              
Leader: Teresa Ferdon
Room B205             
Bound for Joy
Senior Adults
Leader: Gerry Rod
Kindred Couples
Ages 50's to 70's
Leaders: Richard Grant,
Greg Richardson, John Turner 
& Larry Hiscock
Room D221
Brothers And Sisters In Christ
Singles & Couple
Ages 40's to 60's
Leaders: Dan Forde & Chuck Summers
Room D217
Women in the Word
Ages 20's to 60's
Leader: Pamela Van der Meer
Room D216
Coupled in Christ
Ages 40's to 60's
Leaders: David Crissman, Mike Steinbock,
Craig Barnett, Greg Ashlock & Pete Gillies
Room D223                                               
Newlyweds and Nearlyweds
Ages Vary
Leaders: Jody & Cori Evans
Room D222
Christ Followers
Couples & Singles
All ages
Leaders: Michael Grisanti & Todd Bolen
Room D220                                               
Generations Fellowship
Multi-generational - All ages welcome
Leaders: John Russell & Landon Miller
Room D120/D121



Sunday Morning 10:45 am

Abiding in Christ
Couples & Singles
Ages vary 
Leaders: Dave Thomson 
Room D222
OneTwentyOne                                    Multi-generational - All ages                     Leaders: Bryan Biggers, Mike Chau,      
& Richard Lee
Room D223                                         
Christians in Action (CIA)
Singles & Couples
Ages 20's to 70's 
Leaders: Paul Patané, Bill McNeil & Spencer Carpenter
Room D217
*Meets off campus one week every other month to lead a church service at a          local retirement home
Pathfinders                                        Couples & Singles Ages 50+                     Leaders: Boyd Williams, Rod Martin, Gary McMillen, Curt Gibson & Dennis Hutchison Room D120/D121
Friends in Faith
Couples & Singles
Ages 50's to 80's + College Students
Leaders: Howard Buck, Sam Caloroso, Warren Currie, Greg Quakenbush
& Sam Erdman
Room F Mod
Spanish Adult Sunday School               11:00am Pastor: David Cea                     Conference Center

Spanish Classes
(Baptism, Membership, etc.)
Contact: Maggie Barajas
Room C116

Spanish New Believers Class

Contact: Maggie Barajas