Precept Upon Precept Bible Study An Inductive Bible Study

Why use the Inductive Study Method?

The concept behind the Inductive Study Method is to get you personally &  intimately involved with the subject.  We use a straightforward investigative approach to open the Bible and build the context for each statement it contains. That’s where we find God’s truthful precepts-or principles-for life. Inductive study is the tool used to collect those precepts to build a God-glorying, Bible-centered worldview with clear applications to live the abundant, victorious life in Christ.

The method is essentially three steps.
Each lesson is designed to incorporate observation of the Bible text and exercises to assist in understanding the meaning of the Bible as well as make personal application of truths taught in that lesson.
We complete workbook assignments and attend weekly discussion classes on Tuesday mornings at 9:15 to 11:30 in Room D220. 

FALL 2016
Sept. 6 - Nov 15
Studying Ezra/Haggai and Nehemiah.  In Ezra and Haggai we will learn that you can trust God and experience what it is like when God places His hand on the lives of His people.  As we study Nehemiah we will see how Nehemiah demonstrates leadership and obedience in the face of opposition.
Jan. 10 - May 9
Studying I Peter and Titus.  In I Peter we will learn how to stand firm when tested.  Titus will help us develop character and integrity in the midst of a society which has lost respect for God.  How does your life reflect your faith?
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