The Men's Ministry exists to build up the men of Grace Baptist Church in order that they may magnify the glory of God.

To accomplish this mission we:

  1. Teach and model God's Word and the God-designed role for men in church, family and society.
  2. Facilitate the development and strengthening of relationships among men for mentoring, accountability and fellowship.
  3. Coordinate opportunities for service in ministry to the church and the community.

2017 Events Coming Soon!

Weekly Opportunities

Men's Prayer Forum - Ends December 20. Begins January 3, 2017
Tuesday's, 6am-7:30am in C115
Leader: Peter Beers
This group is open to all men who need prayer or want to develop accountability and discipline in their own prayer life as we gather to pray for the needs of our church fellowship.  Stop by briefly on the way to work or stay for the hour.  I desire then that in every place the men should pray 1 Tim. 2:8a

Bible Study - Ends December 13. Begins January 3, 2017
Tuesday's, 7:30pm-9pm in D222
Leader: Rick Harding
The Tuesday night men’s Bible study is a fellowship of men who wish to grow in their walk with God and in their knowledge of the Scriptures. We typically study entire books of the bible with an emphasis on application. We start at 8 pm in order to allow those who attend time to have dinner with their families.

Bible Study - Ends December 14. Begins January 4, 2017
Wednesday's, 6am-7am in D121
Leader: John Lentz
In this group we study God’s Word and try to apply what it says to our lives. We choose a book and break it into chapters and assign leaders.  Sometimes we study verse by verse or sometimes by concept. The unique part about the group is that it is led by all of us not only 1 or 2 people.  The group consists of young and old and all are welcome.

Bible Study - Ends December 21. Begins January 4, 2017 (and will move to room C116)
Wednesday's, 6:30pm-8pm in D120
Leader: Gustavo Durruty
In our group we collectively choose a book out of the Bible and study its full meaning as the Holy Spirit leads us, while seeking to incorporate the message of God into our daily lives.  Our goal is to become more like Jesus our Savior.  We pray to be leaders within our families, in the work place and in our community.

Bible Study - Ends December 16. Begins January 6, 2017
Friday's, 5pm-7:15pm in D223
Leaders: Joaquin Borja or Jim Weintraub
This group is studying the book of Mark unleashing the Word of God one verse at a time. Colossians 3:16 is their core verse.  Their desire is to grow spiritually and winnings souls for the Kingdom of God.

Service Opportunities

Malachi Men

Home Team or Moving Team

Action Groups

Shared interest -> Shared Life -> Shared Faith

Most men would rather do something than just sit around and talk. When men get together to do something they enjoy it gives an opportunity to build relationships. In the context of those relationships, men have the opportunity to strengthen one another in their Christian faith and lead one another to a deeper walk with Christ. So then, the ultimate purpose for Action Groups is that men would build one another up in Christ. The shared activity is just a means to that end.


Current Groups:

Activity Meeting Information  Contact
Motorcycle riding Monthly  Larry Hiscock
Skeet/Trap shooting Last Saturday of the month at Oak Tree Gun Club at 9am  Bubba Sanchez
Disc Golf Third Saturday of the month at Central Park at 8:45am  David King
Golf Approximately once a month @ Elkin Ranch, Fillmore  Jim Kehrli or
Book Club Last Thursday of the month at Chris Vance home at 7am  Chris Vance
Fly Tying Second Monday of the month at Ed Stimson's home at 7pm  Ed Stimson

For more information on Action Groups or if you are interested in starting a new group, contact Wiley Kennedy


Discipleship Resources

Discipleship / Mentoring Resources

For more information, please contact Wiley Kennedy - Lead Pastor Discipleship or Corona Mayhugh