With God's grace and truth, our mission is to equip couples to have refuge marriages that honor God and the Bible and thus, they are husbands and wives that strive and persevere to be people of wisdom, compassion, faithfulness and humility.

Upcoming Events

Coffee & Questions
Coffee & Question
s is back for 2017! Please join us the last Wednesdays of January-May. We will meet from 4:15-5:15pm in D221. No sign-ups needed. Unfortunately, no childcare is available. For more info, contact
  • 1/25 - Protecting your children on-line
  • 2/22 - Helping someone who worries a lot
  • 3/29 - What does God say about gender?
  • 4/26 - How to make time for your marriage
  • 5/31 - Helping a child who has been impacted by divorce


At Grace we have many optional classes for you.  Below are a few of our options:

  • Sacred Marriage Group - Begins Wednesday, 5/3, at 7pm off-campus. Register with
  • Young Marrieds - They meet on Saturdays at 7:10pm in room D223. Teachers are Jay Wegter and Bob Vernon.
  • Young Marrieds - WE2-R1 meets on Sundays at 9am in room D217. Teachers are Jody/Cori Evans and Brad/Jessica Canalejo.
  • Young Families - BLISS meets on Saturdays at 7:10pm in room D222. Teachers are Nate Carroll and Nick Patey
  • Premarital Class - Meets on Saturdays at 5:30pm in D222 beginning 9/16/17 for 6 weeks. More info available at

Marriage Mentoring

Connecting couples with Grace mentor couples to strengthen and improve the marriage relationship. Please click here for more info about receiving Marriage Mentoring or becoming a Marriage Mentor. 
*At this time, the Marriage Mentoring Ministry is for couples that consider Grace Baptist Church their home church.


We, at Grace, are committed to walking you through God’s role in marriage. Please visit our Premarital page to find out more info about how we can walk alongside you.


We are thrilled that you are considering having your wedding at Grace...please visit the Wedding site for more details on planning your special day.


Would you like additional resources?  Please visit our Resource page.

Recordings from Family Room Conversations in Summer-2015*

Click here to listen to:
"What We Can Learn From Song of Solomon"
Click here to listen to:
"Disagreeing well in Marriage"
Click here to listen to:
"Helping Your Child with Worry/Anxiety"
Click here to listen to:
"Balancing work with home, honoring God with both"
Click here to listen to:
*Please contact the Marriage Department for 2014 recordings,