Grace U seeks to Cultivate Christ-followers who think and live theologically.

Grace U is a church-wide discipleship ministry that offers strategic short-term courses to promote spiritual maturity in the life of Grace Baptist Church.
Each course will have a cost of $15 which includes printed class notes, please contact Gabe Garcia if that class fee is a challenge for you.

Lineup for Spring 2017

OT for Everyone: History and Poetry - REGISTER

Teacher: David Hegg

Dates: Thursday s, February 2nd –March 30th (No class on 2/23)

Time: 7:00-9:00pm

Room: D221

This exciting walk through the Historical and Poetic books of the Old Testament will help you make sense of Israel’s history. You will see both God’s mercy and discipline of his people from the era of the judges, through the time of the Monarchy and the collapse of the nation, all the way to the people’s return from exile.  The poetic books will give a glimpse of how the people of God would understand and enjoy life if they listened and obeyed the prophets who spoke for God. If the Old Testament seems dark and daunting, this class will help you realize just how amazing it really is!


Preparing for Marriage - REGISTER

Teacher: Dan Broyles and other pastors

Dates: Saturday, February 25th- April 1st

Time: 5:30

Room: D222

This six-week course is designed for couples who will soon be stepping into the God-ordained marital relationship. It aims to equip husband and wife with the necessary tools to enjoy and experience a God-glorifying marriage. This interactive class will include teaching and discussion on God’s design for marriage as well as exploring the important topics of finance, communication, sexuality and sacrificial love.


Who We Are in Christ: The Significance of our Christian Identity - REGISTER

Teacher: Dan Broyles and Wiley Kennedy

Dates: Tuesdays, February 28th-March21st

Time: 7-8:30pm

Room: D121

Class info: There is often a temptation to find our identity in our jobs, hobbies, or even in being a husband, wife or parent. While these roles are significant responsibilities we must steward well, they do not define who we are. The Bible describes how we are to steward our different responsibilities, but each role we hold is shaped by the Christ-follower’s new identity in Christ. This class will explore the Christian’s new identity in Christ and how this identity is to be lived out in everyday life.


A Mission Mindset *Required for GO Team participants - REGISTER

Teacher: Burkholder and Cecil Stalnaker

Dates: Wednesday, March 1st-March 22nd.

Time: 6:30 to 8pm

Room: D120 and D121

God calls each of his children to embrace their identity as a gospel ambassador—living on mission in daily life and being invested in sending the gospel to the nations. The Missions Mindset is a great opportunity to learn the nuts and bolts of global mission and how it connects to local evangelism. Join us as we explore the priority of the Gospel and the local church, dig into the process of global missions, and examine how to live effectively as a multicultural Christian in Santa Clarita. 


Disciple Makers: Equipping God’s People  to Engage God’s Mission  - REGISTER

Teacher: Gabe Garcia

Dates: Tuesdays, March 28th-April 25th

Time:  6:30-8pm

Room: D220

We exist to make and multiply Christ-followers who magnify the glory of God. Or Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19a). So if you are in Christ, you are a disciple-maker! But how does the work of disciple-making actually happen? The hope of this course is to biblically equip and practically unleash disciple-makers within the life of the church (Ephesians 4:12-14). So whether you’re a ministry veteran or a new believer join us in exploring God’s design to build up his church through the everyday disciple maker.