About Care Groups
Whether you are carrying a significant burden in your life, looking to improve in your relationships or desire to grow personally and spiritually, we have a place for you.  Care Groups help you find, trust and follow God through the challenges while connecting you with others for encouragement and support.
  • Learn to trust God and lean on one another.
  • Let go of the past, bitterness and destructive relationships.
  • Form relationships that will make a difference in your spiritual growth.

Care Groups are not professional therapy groups and are led by volunteers.  


2018 Spring CARE GROUPS

No Care Groups meeting the week of June 25 - 29, 2018
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Wednesdays  •  Aug. 29 - Dec. 5th  •  6:30 pm  •  Room D220
Find comfort as you journey through the loss of a loved one.  Adults who are grieving do not have to experience the journey alone.  Let others who have experienced the grieving process help you in this difficult time.   

Parent’s Grief

Wednesdays  •  Aug. 29 - Dec. 5th •  6:30 pm  •  Room D220
Grieving the loss of a child can be painful and overwhelming.  Find comfort with others in a safe and loving environment to express yourself and journey together on the road back to joy. 


Wednesdays  •  Sept. 5 - Dec. 12th  •  6:30 pm  •  Register online for the fall
Discover hope for the future after the pain of separation or divorce.  Each week a new topic is discussed to help you find healthy ways to overcome divorce-related challenges and experience God’s healing. 

Frazzled Families

2nd & 4th Wednesdays  •  TBD  •  6:30 pm  •  Call for more information
Encouragement and support for families who have a loved one with a mental illness diagnosis,  a special needs child, or caregivers of an elderly parent. This group has limited spaces.







Wednesdays  •  May  9  - June 20th  •  Group is full
Learn how to be more receptive to your wife and be a better husband.

Honorable Men living a life of courage and respect by honoring God with the gospel and their commitments,  as well as modeling integrity in their home and relationships.  
        Honorable Men...
            •  Have the courage to ask for help (from God and others) 
            •  Model integrity in the areas of sexuality (according to the scriptures)
            •  Treat women with great respect because they were made in the image of God
            •  Lead as Christ would want them to lead (as a servant)

Overcoming Frustration/Anger

Wednesdays  •  Fall 208  •  6:30 pm  •  Call for information
Understand and manage emotions that influence anger, such as frustration and fear.  Learn healthy ways to express anger that leads to change and healing in relationships as well as receive encouragement and accountability.  This group meets weekly for 8 weeks.

Men’s Substance Abuse

Thursdays  •  On-going  •  7 pm  •  Room D223
Breaking the stronghold of addictions cannot be done in isolation.  Through encouragement and accountability and the help of other men who understand the battle, find hope in Jesus Christ and seek His truth to live accordingly.




Thursdays  •  June 14 - July 19th  •  9:00 am  •  Call for more information
Enjoy great freedom in learning when to say “yes” and how to say “no” to take control of your life.  Recognize your responsibilities and identify boundaries in a biblical approach. 

                        5 week - Thursday morning study is Changes That Heal  by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

Various Wednesdays •  May 16 – July 25th •  6:30 pm  •  Call to register
We face many losses as a result of transitions in our life – job loss, empty nest, health, moving or divorce.  Learn how to grieve and deepen your relationship with God as you recover from those losses.  (This group is not designed for losses experienced from a death.)


Wednesdays • TBD • 6:30 pm • Call for more information
Hurtful relationships can leave deep and painful wounds and holding onto the feelings of hurt can lead to anger, resentment and bitterness.  We know that we are to forgive, but it is not so easy when the pain is so great.  We will look at the depths of God’s mercy to help us chose forgiveness to move beyond the feelings of anger and heal the pain. 


Wednesdays • TBD •  6:30 pm  •  Call for more information
Are there family patterns that you want to do differently?  Make changes that will honor Christ and impact your family and future generations in healthy ways.


Thursdays  •  Fall 2018  •  6pm  •  Call for information
Care for women who have been hurt by childhood sexual abuse.  You will find comfort and encouragement to bring healing to your emotions and relationships with others.






DivorceCare 4 Kids (DC4K) – Elementary – age children

Wednesdays  •  Fall 2018  •  6:30 pm  •  Call for more information
Helping elementary-age children whose parents are in the process of separation or divorce. Children need a safe place to understand and process their emotions, especially from the pain and hurt of their parents’ separation or divorce.  This group runs concurrently with the DivorceCare Group.  Limited space.



                             FUTURE GROUPS


Unkindness and hurt caused by people – God’s people, leave deep and painful wounds that can impact your relationship with God.  By His grace, there is healing from those wounds.  

Examine how primary emotions like fear, sadness, shame and anger are of gauge of where God is working in our lives.  We will work to apply God’s grace to experience Him more fully and therefore He is more fully glorified.  

A marriage separation is painful and you don’t have to experience that pain alone.  Be surrounded by other women who will encourage and pray for you as you work through the struggles of a marriage relationship.  This group is for women who are seriously considering separation or are currently separated.


Thursdays  •  Winter 2019  • 10 am  •  Call for information
Experience the difference when Christ is first in all areas of your life – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  The winter session will be a First Place 4 Health Bible study.