About Care Groups
Whether you are carrying a significant burden in your life, looking to improve in your relationships or desire to grow personally and spiritually, we have a place for you.  Care Groups help you find, trust and follow God through the challenges while connecting you with others for encouragement and support.
  • Learn to trust God and lean on one another.
  • Let go of the past, bitterness and destructive relationships.
  • Form relationships that will make a difference in your spiritual growth.

Care Groups are not professional therapy groups and are led by volunteers.  


2019 Winter CARE GROUPS


For All

GriefShare & 
Parent’s Grief    

Wed., Jan. 16 – Apr. 10th; 6:30 pm in D220. 
Support during the journey of grief

Frazzled Families

2nd & 4th Wed., Jan. 9 – May 22nd; 6:30 pm; Call to register
Family members who are caregivers of children with special needs or a loved one with a mental health diagnosis

For Men

Overcoming Anger

Wed., Jan 9 - Feb. 27th; 6:30 pm in D218
Learn to gain godly self-control


For Women

Boundaries – Thurs.

Thur., Jan. 10 – Feb. 28th; 9 am; Call to register
Learn to set godly limits.  Limited in space.

Balanced Living

Thur., Jan. 17 – Apr. 4th; 10 am;  Group is full
Christ-centered healthy living

For Children (elementary-age; K- thru 6th)


Grief Care 4 Kids

Wed., Jan. 16 – Mar. 6th; 6:30 pm; Call to register. 
Helping children work through their grief




Wednesdays  •  Jan. 16 - Apr. 10  •  6:30 pm  •  Room D220
Find comfort as you journey through the loss of a loved one.  Adults who are grieving do not have to experience the journey alone.  Let others who have experienced the grieving process help you in this difficult time.   

Parent’s Grief

Wednesdays  •  Jan. 16 - Apr. 10  •  6:30 pm  •  Room D220
Grieving the loss of a child can be painful and overwhelming.  Find comfort with others in a safe and loving environment to express yourself and journey together on the road back to joy. 

Frazzled Families

2nd & 4th Wednesdays  •  Jan. 9 - May 22  •  6:30 pm  •  Call to register
Encouragement and support for families who have a loved one with a mental illness diagnosis or a special needs child.  This group has limited spaces.





Wednesdays  •  Jan 9 - Feb. 27  •  6:30 pm  •  Room D218
Understand and manage emotions that influence anger, such as frustration and fear.  Learn healthy ways to express anger that leads to change and healing in relationships as well as receive encouragement and accountablilty.  




Thursdays  •  Jan. 10 - Feb. 28  •  9:00 am  •   Call to register
Enjoy great freedom in learning when to say “yes” and how to say “no” to take control of your life.  Recognize your responsibilities and identify boundaries in a biblical approach. 

Thursdays  •  Jan. 17 - Apr. 4  • 10 am  •  Group is full
Experience the difference when Christ is first in all areas of your life – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. 



Grief Care 4 Kids – Elementary – age (K thru 6th) 

Wednesdays  •  Jan. 16 - Mar. 6  •  6:30 pm  •  Call to register
Helping elementary-age children work through their grief in "kid-appropriate" ways. Children need a safe place to understand and process their emotions and be encouraged in their grief journey.  Limited space.