Ladies, we would like to introduce you to some women who we think are AMAZING! In order for you to get to know them better, we gave them each two lists of questions (one list serious - the other, not so much) and asked them to answer one question from each list on a Zoom interview with Martha Harding!  Each vic-...umm...volunteer is delightful, we love them, and we know you will love them, too!  Enjoy...

Charlotte Kassis - Pick Your Poison!

Kayla Grill - Pick Your Poison!

Debbie Pidancet - Pick Your Poison!

Naomi Zemp - Pick Your Poison!

April Larsen - Pick Your Poison!

Lyn Caldwell - Pick Your Poison!

Samantha Delgado - Pick Your Poison!


As a discipleship ministry for women...

Grace Women exists to make and multiply Christ-followers who magnify the glory of God; we aim to accomplish our goal by teaching and modeling God’s word in the power of the Spirit. Therefore, we seek to provide opportunities to cultivate authentic biblical community centered around the word of God for the purpose of growing in biblical maturity. We provide both one-to-one discipleship opportunities and larger group based Bible Studies, please click below for more information:

GRACE Women Representatives:

Martha Harding - Grace Women Director
Karyn Naumo - Grace Women Administrative Assistant