Welcome to the GBC Nursery!

We would love for you to visit our church and bring your young children to our nursery. The Bible tells us in Psalm 127:3 that children are a gift from the Lord. This God-given trust is vitally important to us at Grace Baptist. Both parents and church volunteers play an essential and influential role in making God’s love real to these little ones. Children are recognized as a very special gift. We value each of them as unique and special, to be cared for and nurtured, and shown the love of Christ.


Our Goal:

To provide safe, quiet, and gentle care while taking the opportunity to teach babies through associations and feelings; feelings that later develop into concepts and attitudes about God, going to church, and how they should respond to other people.  It is our desire to become an extension of your home, providing both quality care and a secure environment for your child. Since Jesus placed such a high emphasis on little children, we feel that we must do the same.


To learn how to get involved:

Email Nursery Coordinator or contact at extention listed at the bottom of this page.


Planting Seeds:

“The farmer sows the seed which is the Word of God.” Mark 4:14  The nursery is the foundation of what we try to do here at Grace Baptist in the Children’s Ministry. We want to minister to and nurture children in the ways of the Lord. The Lord says that what we do to the least of the brethren, we do it as to Him. So in giving the best care to the littlest of the flock, we are showing His care for them. We pray for a prosperous and fruitful walk with the Lord for all who come under our care.   In chapter four of the Gospel of Mark we read about the parable of the sower. A “sower” is a farmer desiring to produce crops in his field, but a farmer must sow the seeds in order to produce a crop. In the nursery we start this process of sowing the seeds. In Mark 4:14 we see that the seeds are the Word of God. During the first two years of children’s lives, they learn more and learn faster than at any other time in their lives. For that reason it is essential to teach them in very simple ways the basics of God’s love, care and concern for all His creation. People are His most treasured creation and all people are special to God. At some time during each service we try to sit the toddlers together and sing some songs, tell a simple story and pray. We also have a simple craft or coloring page they can do that goes with the story. We have snack time, which consists of one of the following:  goldfish crackers, graham crackers, or cheerios. We only serve water. We do have sippy cups available if your child does not bring one.


Where we teach:

The rooms are cleaned after each use, and are checked regularly to be sure that the floors and surrounding areas are free from hazards. Electrical plugs are covered. Toys are monitored to be sure that all are safe, in good working order and age appropriate. Small, submersible toys are sanitized after each service in our commercial dishwasher. Larger toys and equipment are wiped down with sanitizing wipes after each service.


What to bring:

  • Diaper bag or backpack with an extra diaper
  • Sippy cup or bottle—labeled with your child’s name
  • Extra change of clothes in case of an accident


Check-in Procedures:

Grace is committed to the safety and security of our children. The check-in process ensures that each child is registered in their specific age group, that any special needs, allergies, or other concerns are communicated to those caring for your children, and that a class roster provides a real-time list of the children in the teacher’s care in the event of an emergency. Parents use computer stations in our check-in room designed specifically for registering their child in their group and printing the labels required for both the parent and the child. The process is quick and easy, whether checking in one child or an entire family.

Check-in:  Using their last name or the last 4 digits of their phone number, parents check in each child to their room for one or both services using the computers located in the . Three labels will be printed. Place one of the stickers with your child's name on it on your child's back. Place the other sticker with your child's name on it in the classroom sign-in book IN THE LEFT-HAND COLUMN. Please provide the information requested in the box to the right of your sticker so we can reach you if needed. Take the third sticker with you as your claim check to pick up your child when you return. Whether you are serving in a room or picking up your child, "No tag, no baby!"

Check-out:  When you return to pick up your child, place the third claim check sticker in the sign-in book IN THE RIGHT-HAND COLUMN.


Sick Children:

If a child exhibits any of the following symptoms, for both the child’s comfort and the health of all who are in the nursery, we ask that these children are kept at home if they have: Fever within the previous 24 hours, Vomiting and/or diarrhea within the previous 24 hours, Any symptoms of childhood diseases, Runny nose with any colored discharge, Sore throat, Any unexplained rash, Any skin infection, Pink eye and other eye infections, Head lice (child should be free of all nits), Continued cough. If a child has allergies which result in a continuous runny nose we ask for a note from the doctor stating this. The same is true of any condition which may appear to be infectious or contagious but is not.


Other Nursery Features:

Nursing Mother’s Room:  This is a room for those mothers who need to nurse their babies. It is located across from the Grace Kids Office. This room is comfortable, convenient, and private.


Age Breakdown for Nursery Rooms:

Saturday Nights:

  • Room 107 Babies              (Under 2 years old) Birth to 23 months
  • Room 108 Toddlers           (24 to 47 months) Unpotty trained 2 & 3 year olds

Sunday Mornings:

  • Room 106 Babies             (under 1 year old) Birth to 11 months
  • Room 107 Toddler 1          (1 year olds) 12 to 23 months
  • Room 108 Toddler 2          (2 year olds) 24 to 35 months
  • Room 109 Toddler 3          (3 year olds) 36 to 41 months
**Toddler 3 1/2 will be open as attendance demands in the spring.


Grace Kids Office:

If you’re visiting for the first time or need directions to your child’s room, the office is located downstairs in B building.


Nursery Schedule:

The Nursery Schedules are available for volunteers to download online.


Child/Staff Ratios

In order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment, we have established the following adult/child ratios:

  • Babies:        1 helper to every 3 babies
  • Toddlers:    1 helper to every 4 children

For safety reasons, every room must have at least 2 helpers, even if there is only 1 child present. Please ask about our Child Protection Guidelines.


Nursery Staff

Janie Walker - Nursery Coordinator, ext. 142

Debbie Hendricks - Assistant Nursery Coordinator, ext. 137

Nursery Office direct line: 661-296-2046