Clint & Edith Ungashick

Missions to the Americas


Clint serves as a member of the Native American Ministry Team ( under the leadership of Navajo, Ben Yazzie. The Native American Ministry Team is one of the Specialized Ministries of Missions Door.
Clint supports the establishment and planting of Native American Christian churches in the Southwest through discipleship and leader training. During his 20+ years in ministry, he sees a great need for teaching Native believers an accurate, clear, simple, and effective method of evangelism, in order to prevent: 1) Syncretism 2) Rejection of what is perceived to be the white man's gospel 3) Individuals who think they are Christians because they did something for salvation 4) Legalism.

Where they Lives: Phoenix, Arizona. Recent demographics show that 90% of Native American missions are directed toward reservations, while 78% of Native Americans live in cities! The 2010 census shows that the greater Phoenix metro area as the third largest Native American city in the U.S., with about 100,000 people identifying themselves as full or part Native American.