David & Shari Ogg

Papua New Guinea


David and Shari Ogg are church planters among the Simbari people of Papua New Guinea. The Oggs arrived in PNG in 1991 and began learning the language of the Simbari people. After becoming fluent they began translating and teaching the Bible. When the Simbari people heard the message of God’s Word in their heart language a church was planted that continues to grow. The Oggs continue working toward the goal of seeing thriving local churches developed among the Simbari. The Oggs are now ministering itinerantly to the Simbari churches while they work toward completing the translation of the New Testament into the Simbari language.

Where they live: David and Shari live in the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea. They live at a cool elevation of 5000 feet amid green valleys and rainy mountains. The Simbari tribe is located about a 30-minute flight from the nearest town where the Oggs now live. The tribe numbers around 4000 and the people are scattered around in dozens of villages across 4 river valleys. The tribal borders stretch out about 20 miles wide and 15 miles long. There are no roads into the Simbari so the only way in and out is via the mission’s Kodiak aircraft. (ntm-aviation.org). Many of the rural people have moved to the cities looking for work so there are now as many Simbari people living in the cities as there are out in the ‘bush’. Papua New Guinea is a country full of diversity, from beautiful tropical coastlines to rainforest covered mountains over 10,000 feet high. But even more than that is the fact that Papua New Guinea has 841 unique tribal languages many of which still do not have God’s Word in their own language.