Grace U seeks to Cultivate Christ-followers who think and live theologically.

Grace U is a church-wide discipleship ministry that offers strategic short-term courses to promote spiritual maturity in the life of Grace Baptist Church.
Each course will have a minimal cost which includes printed class notes, please contact us at if that class fee is a challenge for you.

Childcare is available for ages 4 and under for most GraceU classes. Please preregister your children by clicking here

GraceU Fall 2019 class list

Membership Matters - Register Here

Teacher: Gabe Garcia
Date: Saturday, October 19th, 2019
Location: Timothy Student Center-Jr. High Room
Time: 8am to noon 
Class Description: Membership Matters is a class meant to teach us more about God’s design for the local church and what it means to commit to the Grace Family. We will show how membership finds its theological roots in Scripture, fleshing out how committed biblical love to the body of Christ enhances a culture of discipleship and growth in Christ. Through this class you’ll meet some of our pastors and learn how “membering” is all about partnering with the family of Grace to worship God, to serve one another and to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to those in our community.

Preparing for Marriage - Register Here

Date: September 21st -October 26th.
Room: D216
Class Description: The six-week course is designed for couples who will soon be stepping int the God-ordained marital relationship. It aims to equip husband and wife with the necessary tools to enjoy and experience and God-glorifying marriage. This interactive class will include teaching and discussion on God’s design for marriage as well as exploring the important topics such as finance, communication, sexuality and sacrificial love.

Disciple Makers - Register Here

Teacher: Gabe and Barry Moore
Dates: Sept. 12-Oct. 10th
Location:TSC 100
Class Description: How does the work of disciple-making actually happen? This course seeks to equip the members of the Grace family to faithfully and biblically engage in the task of making disciples of Jesus. So whether you’re a ministry veteran or a new believer join us in exploring God’s design to build up his church through the everyday disciple maker.  

The Art of Neighboring - Register Here

Teacher: Jared
Date: Sept. 4th -October 9th
Room: D120/121
Class description: We don’t live in our neighborhoods and communities by accident. God has sovereignly placed us there for the sake of the Gospel. The command to love our neighbor isn’t simply a spiritual platitude—God has placed actual neighbors around us who need the Gospel. Join us for a class that explores both the Biblical expectation and practical ways to love and reach our neighbors.

God’s Heartbeat for the Nations: Making Sense of Missions Part 1 - Register Here

Teacher: Cecil Stalnaker
Date: October 16th-November 20th
Room: D120/121
Class Description: Since God has a “heartbeat” for the nations, he has created a masterful plan to reclaim the entire globe for himself, which is what we call “missions.”  This Part I of the course will cover the lenses of biblical and historical truth, attempting to show how God’s big picture plan directs the purpose of God’s people to fulfill their calling of making disciples of every nation.  This study is designed to challenge, enliven, and enrich the believer’s life by helping each person to think through why they exist; what they are supposed to be and do in the world.  It will also treat many missionary myths and misunderstandings.  In brief, it will help believers make sense of missions!