Why We Join

For many Christ-followers today, the question of membership in a local church is just that: A question without easy answers. Why should I join a local church? Isn’t attending really being a member? What does church membership entail? Why is it important? And, is it even biblical given the New Testament doesn’t speak about it or seem to require it?



Jesus in All of Life

I Corinthians is a unique letter because it contains Paul’s response to a host of questions the Corinthians asked in a previous letter. There are 19 topics in total that Paul will address, and they can be divided into three categories. We have prepared our study guides accordingly. They are designed with small group discussions in mind, and our hope is that they enrich your engagement with God’s word and with one another.

Jesus in All of Life | Part 1

Jesus in All of Life | Part 2

Jesus in All of Life | Part 3