We are thrilled that you are considering having your wedding at Grace...



We love to work with couples to make sure that their wedding is all that they intend it to be.  We also want to make this wedding all the Lord, as the author of marriage, intends for your special day.  We want you to have a joyful wedding ceremony that is uniquely Christian and helps you begin a life together with God’s full blessing. 

We are also committed to preparing you for not only the wedding, but a lifetime marriage, as we provide a premarital class for all couples being married at Grace to complement the meetings you will have with the Pastor who will perform your ceremony.

So, where to begin?

Our process is simple:
  1. Read the Wedding Pre-requisites to determine if Grace is the place you want to be married.
  1. Read the Wedding Facilities Facts  to determine if Grace’s facilities fit your needs.   
If you have additional questions, please contact Candice Hill.  Our hope is that your wedding at Grace will prepare you for a wonderful marriage that you will thank the Lord for every day of your life.