Volunteer Roles


Volunteer Roles - Worship Center

It all starts with hearts for serving the Lord. Every volunteer makes a valuable contribution; each role is designed to ensure that all of the elements of a service are successfully executed as it pertains to service opportunites in the Worship Center. As our saying goes. “We’ve done our job well when nobody knows we’re there”.

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Volunteer Roles - Other

Although our our primary focus is on technical elements used in our main services within the Worship Center, it is not the only buiding or ministry with technical service opportunities. We have serving needs within Children's, Young Adults, Men's, Women's, and Spanish Ministries. There are also what we call "One Off" service opportunities that range from seasonal events to special projects that provide a wide range of service opportunites. Typically other ministry service opportunities include the following positions.



Tech Intern Positions

We are about raising up the next generation of technical directors, sound engineers, video editors, and lighting design/operators. If you are of High School/College age and interested in pursuing a carreer in the technical arts, we can help. Connect here for more information.