SEEDS-Arise and Build

Give to Student Center Project

Student Center Construction Info Page


Volunteer Work Days

As construction gets underway, we will have opportunities for volunteers to help with keeping the site clean as well as other things that come along.
Email to be included in upcoming workday emails.  
Volunteer projects reduce final construction costs. So bring your gloves and we’ll provide the tools and cold beverages.

What is SEEDS?

Over 25 years ago God moved the leadership and family of Grace to embark on a journey that would move our campus from Placerita Canyon to our current location here on Copper Hill. It’s amazing to look back and see how God worked through the faithfulness of his people at Grace to plant some amazing seeds for ministry that we benefit from today.
Student Center Site
As the leadership of Grace cast a vision decades ago for what could be on this Copper Hill location, many participated financially to provide ministry tools that would outlive them. We now embark on a new journey that really is the completion of that vision from over 25 years ago - to provide a dedicated space for students to be discipled. We believe it is time to build a Student Center and our prayer is that the Grace family will join as partners in seeing this exciting mission completed.

Current Status & Financial Needs

At our 2016 Annual Meeting, the Grace family affirmed the securing of a $4.8 million line of credit. While the line of credit will ensure construction is not delayed, it elevates the need to raise money so we can minimize debt.

How can you help financially?

The leadership of Grace has asked everyone to prayerfully consider what they can give to help this project be completed with minimal debt. Gifts can be put in an envelope and marked SEEDs and put in the offering.
Click here to financially support the Student Center.

Please join in prayer for this project focusing on the following areas:

That our mission to make and multiply Christ-followers would be the priority and while this building can be a powerful tool, we would remember it is ultimately a tool to facilitate the pursuit of our mission.

Families of Grace to be people who love God, love others and are engaging with our community
Familes of SCV to see Christ in the lives of His people and for revival to sweep through our city

Future Generations
For God’s protection over our kids and authenticity of our parents to raise up future people of God
For coming generations to be passionate about loving others, honoring Christ and making Him known

Wisdom for the project team - consultants in tech, architecture, construction and Grace staff
For wise and informed leadership that will help provide tools to best accomplish our mission

That the construction workers who are part of this project would be safe and kept free of injury
That those who help build this building would experience God’s love from His people at Grace

Wise stewardship of finances as decisions and challenges are addressed throughout this project
For the people of Grace to prayerfully support the project financially in order to minimize debt