Online Bibles

Here you can link to a number of online Bibles and good study tools. These sites have been chosen because of the content that they offer and their ease of use.

Please be aware that the content on linked sites may change, however we will attempt to maintain an accurate, useful list that is consistent with Grace Baptist and Biblical Christianity. If you have suggested additions or comments please send a message.

Bible Gateway
Bible Gateway is a great resource for quick verse and word lookups in over 15 translations including NIV, NASB, KJV, and RSV. Site also includes a number of advanced search features as well as in-depth study tools.
Blue Letter Bible
The Blue Letter Bible provides many different helps for the Bible student. You'll find maps, charts, verse lookups, commentaries, daily devotionals and many other great resources when you visit.
Study Light
Bible search, many translations, Greek and Hebrew texts, lexicons, commentaries, concordances, encyclopedias, dictionaries, historical documents, forums.
Crosswalk Bible Study Tools Bible Study Tools, sponsored by offers an impressive list of resources. Verse and word lookups in multiple translations, Bible reading plan, Bible history, dictionaries, concordances and many more helpful items can be found at this site.