Mexico Spring Break

MEXICO - Spring Break
Student Ministries


Dates: April 6-11

Our Junior High and Senior High students will travel to El Florido, Mexico to help Caravan Ministries build houses for needy families. They will also visit orphanages with Spectrum Ministries while they are there.



Updated April 9th
Hi! Everyone doing great!! We are busy building and have visited the dump yesterday. Amazing...we handed out water and food to the people who make their living digging through the trash and finding wire and metal and plastic to sell-poorest of the poor. But each time we handed them food and water-they said thank you. So humbling. Went to Shanty Town (next to the dump)where most of them live with their families and did the same thing. SOOO many babies....Debrief was awesome in that team. Great conversations!   Builds are going great. We have built 12 structures thus far.   

Such a powerful vivid example of being the hands and feet of Jesus:) constantly pointing the students to the gospel in everything!