Dates:  July 21-27

This GO Team will come alongside Global Partners Joshua and Naomi Smith, serving in Mexico City.  The team will help organize and run an outreach English Camp, building relationships and looking for opportunities to share the gospel in partnership with a local Mexican Church and possibly a university ministry.

Updated Monday, July 28
Two Updates
After a full weekend of English Camp, the Mexico team completed its ministry in Mexico City and returned home early this morning.  Thank you for praying our team through their ministry time with our Mexico partners.

Be sure to come to the GO Team Celebration on Sunday, August 10 at 12:15 in the F Mod to hear from the Mexico and Czech teams.  See you there!

Late update from last week
Day 4 Update: Thank you for all of your prayers!  We have been so blessed while we have been in Mexico City. No one has yet to get sick mad we have seen God working through our ministry.  Today we taught in our first English classes. It was a neat experience to interact with the Mexican students. We had 16 students ranging from 13 - 18 years old. The pastor of the church we partnered with was very happy we were there and expressed his appreciation of our teaching. Pray God uses our ministry as an example to the church to be able to reproduce and offer as ministry to their community. Also pray for continued good health. 


Updated Thursday, July 24
Day 3: Traveled just outside the city to partner more Reachglobal team members who work with a home for "at risk" woman. Due to a recent change in ownership and maintenance, a portion of the facility that houses women and their babies has been closed for over a year.  We helped to prepare the rooms by painting and accomplished quite a lot. We were very encouraged by the Reachglobal missionaries because they told us that of any of the teams that have come over the years, even including a team of 40 at one point, we were able to be more productive and accomplish more. We hope that our work will help to build a stronger bridge between the host and the woman who will be living there and the owners of the facility. 


Updated Wednesday, July 23
Day 2: Had a great day touring the city and seeing the sights. We learned a lot about Mexican culture and hope that it will help us to connect with locals in a more impactful way. Will be doing a service project tomorrow. Painting a recently renovated home for "at risk" woman. Pray that our help would serve to further the work a couple from the Reachglobal team has at that home. 

Updated Tuesday, July 22
Our Mexico Team was prayed off the church parking lot early yesterday morning, and after an uneventful trip, they arrived in Mexico City and met up with the ReachGlobal team with whom they will serve this week.  They had a chance to take a tour and begin to make plans for their outreach. Thanks for your prayers as they reach out out with the gospel to this important city!