Kids Praise Choir

Welcome to Grace Kids’ Praise!

Grace Kids' Praise is an exciting ministry opportunity available to your children! We are committed to exposing your child to the Gospel though music and helping him/her grow in expressing their worship through music. We want your children to have the opportunity to serve the Lord through music and learn to lead others to do the same. They will also grow in their knowledge of vocal production and sight reading as they explore both the beauty and power God has designed music to communicate.

There will be two Grace Kids' Praise Choirs Hearts of Praise (K-2nd) and Voices of Praise (3rd-6th) that will sing in selected worship services, at special events, and present a musical concert in the spring. 

With Blessings,
Ryan Knight
Worship Pastor


Purpose of Kids’ Praise Choir

  • To encourage children to worship the Lord through music.
  • To teach children the blessings of serving the Lord through music.
  • To teach children how to effectively lead others in worship.
  • To enhance and instruct musical skills important to leading in worship.
  • To develop future church musicians and encourage continuity from age to age.
  • To foster the importance of Christian Community.


Ways to Help in Kids’ Praise Choir

  • Assistant Directors: The “right-hand” person for the director, assisting musically as well as in a variety of other tasks.
  • Accompanists: Assisting the director with music preparation in rehearsal.
  • Classroom Helpers: Helping the directors with “crowd control” and assisting in any capacity.
  • Tech People: Those who can assist with their gifts in computer, sound, lighting, CD/video production, crafts, or just wonderfully creative in the arts.    

When We Meet

We will start this fall on Wednesday, September 11, with our rehearsal time running from 4:45 - 5:45 PM. Children ages 5 through 6th grade are invited to attend and are divided into separate choirs according to their age/grade level. Sign-ups for both choirs will begin on the final rehearsal night of this year's program, on Wednesday, May 8th, and continue through the start of the next season. Registration is done a first come, first serve basis.

Registration for Kids' Praise Choir begins May 8th - click below to register

Hearts of Praise (K-2nd)
Voices of Praise (3rd-6th)

For More Information Contact Kayla Grill 661-296-8737 x125