Philosophy of Ministry 

The deciding factor of a successful youth ministry is for students to learn and know God’s Word. Metric tools certainly help the organization of a ministry, but the bottom line of success is what God determines to be necessary for the nourishment and building of His church. Grace Student Ministry desires to be identified by a practice and philosophy entirely driven by Scripture; it is an extension of the local church and is integrated with the family. As a ministry, it is our highest goal to make and multiply Christ followers through discipleship, modeling theological truths, and reaching the lost. We are text driven, church focused. Period!


Mission Statement

Grace Baptist Junior High ministry exists to make and multiply mature followers of Jesus Christ; moving them from first faith to firm faith by equipping them with God’s Word, to live in God’s world, that they might demonstrate and magnify the supremacy of Christ in all things. 


When Does Junior High Ministry Meet?

Wednesday Nights “The Gathering”: Our mid-week service envisions reaching students from all backgrounds. The “crowd” includes believing and unbelieving students as well as their friends. Our main goal is to provide an easy entrance to Student Ministry life, such that church-going students will feel comfortable (and eager) to invite their unchurched friends. Videos, music, games, skits, and relational leaders can be expected. Moreover, this meeting will provide a thought-provoking 15-20 minute message, which lends itself to a presentation of the Gospel. Students will then break into small groups, called Grace Group Time, to discuss the message amongst themselves.

Meeting Time: 6:30-8:00pm in the Timothy Student Center


Weekend Ministry:  

Sunday Morning "Going Deeper": Our Sunday morning service focuses on helping engage the mind and desire of students who claim Christ as their Savior and attend the weekend worship services at Grace Baptist Church. Students who attend these services are considered 'the committed' to learn more about God and His Word. These meetings are structured and designed for students to engage Christ and one another. Therefore, a 25-30 minute expositional/theological lesson, led by the Student Ministries Pastors or adult staff, can be expected to help students grow in their knowledge of God's Word, Work, and Mission. Moreover, we encourage these students to attend main services afterward, to worship together and sit under the teaching of God's Word with their families.

Meeting Time: 9:00 -10:15 AM in the Timothy Student Center.


Things to know:

-We serve Burgers, Boffo Burgers! These are served every Wednesday (except during the rain)! $5 for a complete meal, including a burger, drink, and chips! *Boffo Burger schedule will vary over the summer.* 


Want to Sign Up for Grace Groups?

Grace Groups are a vital part of Student Ministry. The goal of Grace Groups is to make disciples, men and women full of the life of Christ. We look to Jesus’ life as the paradigm for discipleship, rooting students in the Gospel and bringing it to bear in their lives, pointing them to see how it shapes us every day and in every season of life. We desire for these students to be dependent upon God’s word, as we see in Jesus’ life and teaching how He was dependent on His Father’s word.


Please fill out the Grace Group Form and we will reach out to you shortly with more information!


Are you interested in serving? 

Join Frontline! 

Frontline exists to help students develop a servant’s heart, that courageously leads others by serving around youth group and church, increasing their understanding of Christ and His Gospel, and actively developing new followers of Jesus Christ. Moreover, we aim to help Frontline students understand that the church is not divided into different “departments,” but connected on a larger scale, with the final goal to Make and Multiply followers of Christ that magnify the glory of God. If you would like more information email Jonn Eidem or pick up an application at the Timothy Student Center lobby counter. 


For Updates and More Information, Join Our "The SPOT" Weekly Newsletter!

The link to sign up is, It is on this page, that you will be able to sign up for any upcoming events, Grace Groups, as well as the Newsletter.


Do You Still Have Questions? Please Feel Free to Ask!

Feel free to come on by, email Samantha Delgado, or call at (661) 296-8737 x189.


Please Take a Moment to Fill Out Our Grace Baptist Church Medical & Liability Form:

Please note all off-campus events require your student to have a Grace Baptist Church Medical & Liability Form on file with the Student Ministry Office. This will only be valid the year you submit it. 

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