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New is good, and we know it carries with it some unknowns. We've all been "new" at one point and we hope you'll find helpful information that communicates a little about Grace and what you can expect when you join us. If you have any questions as you browse, drop us a note, we'd love to hear from you!

What to Expect when you visit Grace...

Grace is a place where lots of different people feel comfortable and appreciated. Our common commitment is around the truth of the Bible and living lives that honor God and make our world a better place. While having a different style and feel from week to week, our services are focused on Gathering as God's people for corporate praise, encouragement and instruction from God's Word

Our weekend gatherings may at times be more traditional, sometimes with our choir and orchestra and other times they may be more contemporary driven by strong vocals, guitar and drums. This mix of style and presentation is intentional, believing that God does not prefer a style but rather puts great emphasis on the message. As believers we have a lovely opportunity to set aside preference and embrace a love for others that appreciates what they prefer. A great question is, do I love a fellow Brother or Sister in Christ in a way that allows me to set aside my musical preference and appreciate what they enjoy?

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