Haiti - Orphanage


Student Ministries


Dates: July 25 - August 3

Our Senior High students will once again partner with Greg Barshaw of Connect 2 Ministries, reaching out to the children of House of Hope orphanage. Their love for these orphans will be expressed in a variety of creative and tangible ways, including teaching VBS, painting, and some basic construction/service projects.

Updated Monday, August 4
After an eventful trip home that included an unscheduled stop in Phoenix, our Student Ministries Haiti Team arrived home last night.  Thank you for praying for them!

Bad internet connections limited the amount of news we received from them while they were on the field, but such will not be the case at their Celebration on Saturday, August 16, at 7:10 in the F Mod.  Please join us to hear how God answered your prayers.

Updated Friday, August 1 

E-mail from Deb

Hello from Haiti! We are having an incredible time here! Team is healthy and ready to finish the week well! We have built 75 footlockers for the kids to store their stuff-something to call their own.  Very important for identity...we fixed the soccer net and are getting ready for our mini tournament on Friday. We have jerseys and teams ready! So exciting! 

The students are also dealing with taking care of sick kids...the chickagunga virus is going through the orphanage. It's a blessing that we are here to care for them!!! Many of the girls are experiencing what it will be like to be a mom...sitting by the child's side while they fight a very high fever-not being able to do anything but pray, be there...just love on them! Very precious...but also challenging. So proud of our students!!!

We miss you all and are so excited to share our stories with you very soon!!!  Thanks for your prayers!!!!

Updated Thursday, July 31
Sporadic wifi connections have limited the amount of news we have been able to receive from the Haiti team.  But we spoke today to host Greg Barshaw and got a text from Deb, and the team is doing great!  Thanks for your prayers as they head into the weekend and prepare for their return to Santa Clarita.  We will post more news as it comes in.

Updated Monday, July 28
The Student Ministries Haiti Team was prayed off the church parking lot by a large and enthusiastic crowd of family and friends on Friday, arrived in Haiti without incident on Saturday, and Aaron was preparing to preach at a Haitian church on Sunday before the team began its ministry among the orphans.  Thanks for praying them through this week!