One of our main goals as a ministry to kids is to support parents as the primary disciplers of their children. In our weekend Grace Kids classes the truth of God's Word is talked about in age appropriate ways. These questions are designed to help you extend the weekend lesson from church and engage in conversation with your kids. If you have questions or suggestions, please let us know.


Dinner Discussions- January 18/19

Bible Passage: Ezra 4-6, Haggai

Abstract: Last weekend we continued in our study of Israel's return to  Jerusalem.  One thing we talked about last week was that King Cyrus decreed for the Temple to be rebuilt which is a good thing! However, the building came to a halt when Jerusalem neighbors tried to stop it from being built!  In fact, they were successful and Jerusalem stopped building it for a long time, moving on to building their homes. This is when the prophet Haggai stepped onto the scene. He told God's people that they should finish building the Temple, promising them that He would once again fill it with His glory. This is good news because that meant God was fulfilling his promise in dwelling with them! 

Dinner Discussions:

  1. 3 year Old's- 6th Grade
    1. Why was it important for Israel to rebuild the Temple?
    2. How did the Temple bring glory to God?
    3. Read 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. How are we God's temple?
    4. How is God dwelling in us a blessing from Him?
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