One of our main goals as a ministry to kids is to support parents as the primary disciplers of their children. In our weekend Grace Kids classes the truth of God's Word is talked about in age appropriate ways. These questions are designed to help you extend the weekend lesson from church and engage in conversation with your kids. If you have questions or suggestions, please let us know.


Dinner Discussions- December 14/15

Bible Passage: Daniel 6

Abstract: A few weeks ago we saw God deliver Daniel from the fiery furnace and you might say that's the tip of the iceberg for him! But, this weekend we see God deliver Daniel from a den of lions! After a transition of power from Babylon to Persian rule, Daniel finds favor from the new King Darius setting him over all other high officials of the kingdom. In jealousy, these officials influence King Darius to sign a law that only allows prayers to the King for thirty days! In Daniel fashion, he prays to His God, the one true God of the world three times a day. Then...Daniel gets tattled on by the jealous officials. Interestingly, the King did not want to put Daniel to death but tried to rescue him. Unfortunately, he was forced by the law to throw Daniel into the lions den. God closed the mouths of the lions and delivered Daniel from being eaten alive. Daniel continued to be faithful to God and God delivered Him. God's plan was still bigger than this! King Darius recognized the saving power of the one true God and He used Daniel to show him this! God sent Jesus to deliver us from the thing that we do most which is sin against Him. But through Jesus we can have faith and obey God like Daniel did!

Dinner Discussions:

  1. 3 year Old's- Kindergarten
    1. How did God deliver Daniel from the lions? Why did God do this?
  2. 1st Grade- 6th Grade
    1. Do you think Daniel's obedience to God was easy for him? How was it even harder?
    2. How did Daniel's faith point King Darius to faith in God?
    3. How does our obedience to God point others to Christ?
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