One of our main goals as a ministry to kids is to support parents as the primary disciplers of their children. In our weekend Grace Kids classes the truth of God's Word is talked about in age appropriate ways. These questions are designed to help you extend the weekend lesson from church and engage in conversation with your kids. If you have questions or suggestions, please let us know.


Dinner Discussions- December 7/8

Bible Passage: Daniel 4

Abstract: This weekend we meet the fate of King Nebuchadnezzar. In a dream, King Neb saw a tree that grew to the heavens and a watcher from heaven came down an ordered him to cut it down. He sent for all of his wise men to interpret the dream but none could except for Daniel! The tree represented King Neb and God was sending him a message to repent and give glory to God as the true ruler of his great kingdom! Otherwise, God would turn Neb into a beast of the field. As expected, King Neb gave glory to himself and God fulfilled the dream. After some time had passed, King Neb recognized that the one true God is the reason for his success and majesty. God is not only the God of Israel but the God of King Neb as well and He is in control! The only one deserving of glory is Jesus our forever reigning King!

Dinner Discussions:

  1. 3 year Old's- Kindergarten
    1. Why did God punish King Neb? 
  2. 1st Grade- 6th Grade
    1. What was the sin Nebuchadnezzar was guilty of? How did King Neb repent of this sin?
    2. Does God punish all sin? How can we repent of it?
    3. Why is humility an important characteristic to strive for, instead of pride? (Phil. 2)
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