One of our main goals as a ministry to kids is to support parents as the primary disciplers of their children. In our weekend Grace Kids classes the truth of God's Word is talked about in age appropriate ways. These questions are designed to help you extend the weekend lesson from church and engage in conversation with your kids. If you have questions or suggestions, please let us know.


Dinner Discussions- October 26/27

Bible Passage: 2 Chronicles 29; 34-35 Abstract: This weekend we looked  at the two good kings of Judah; Hezekiah and Josiah. These were the main kings who followed the law of God by destroying false temple worship. They had a heart to serve God in righteousness which to be honest has been quite rare… These kings taught and exemplified God’s law to the people of Judah after having many kings fail to love and honor God. The hope in this is that God... Read More
Posted by Christian Delgado at Monday, October 28, 2019

Dinner Discussions- October 19/20

Bible Passage: Isaiah 6 , 53 Abstract: This weekend we looked at the Prophet Isaiah's vision of God and all His glory! Isaiah's message was of judgment and hope, that God would judge Israel for their disobedience but will ultimately send the Suffering Servant on their behalf! Isaiah saw the angels worshipping in the throne room of God, praising Him! What an amazing picture to see! It was so amazing that Isaiah saw his unworthiness to be in God's presence. But, God made... Read More
Posted by Christian Delgado at Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Dinner Discussions- October 12/13

Bible Passage: 2 Kings 17 Abstract: This weekend, we went back into King's to learn what happened to Israel. As we have discussed before, Israel has continually disobeyed God and His commandments. After showing much patience and loving Kindness towards them through the words of the Prophets, God will fulfill what he said in 1 Kings 14:15 . Due to Israel's unfaithfulness, God allowed Assyria to take the Northern Kingdom of Israel and exile the Jew's from their land!... Read More
Posted by Christian Delgado at Monday, October 14, 2019

Dinner Discussions- October 5/6

Bible Book: Hosea Abstract: This past weekend we jumped into the book of Hosea. What an amazing picture of God’s love! We have witnessed Israel time after time show their unfaithfulness to God by worshiping their own made up gods.  These accounts are seen all the way back in Exodus…guys it’s been like hundreds of years… To demonstrate this unfailing love, He uses Hosea. Hosea was called to marry an unfaithful woman and continue to pursue a... Read More
Posted by Christian Delgado at Monday, October 7, 2019

Dinner Discussions- September 28/29

Book: Jonah Abstract:   Hello Families! This weekend we learned about the Prophet Jonah! Otherwise known as, “the one that was swallowed by a fish.” The reason for this swallowing is that Jonah instead of listening TO God ran FROM God. What Jonah didn’t understand is that God is a loving and gracious God towards everyone, not just Israel. The people Jonah was supposed to minister to were the Ninevites, a people known for their ruthless actions toward other... Read More
Posted by Christian Delgado at Tuesday, October 1, 2019