Spiritual Care is "one-to-one" conversation where life’s challenging issues can be addressed. It provides Biblically-based guidance for the purpose of healing, restoration and living lives honoring to God, in a safe and caring environment.

How do I receive Spiritual Care?
If you are interested in getting help, please call the Spiritual Care ministry at Grace Baptist Church, (661) 296-8737 x 150, or complete our online intake form. There is no cost to receive Spiritual Care and it is not considered professional therapy.
How do I become a Spiritual Care Giver?
A minimum requirement of attending Spiritual Care I & II Training classes, followed by a review process.
What Spiritual Care Training classes are offered? 
Spiritual Care I
Focuses on listening, relational discipleship, emotions, and your spiritual growth. - Fall 2018
Begins - Thursday, 9/6/18, at 8:30am in Room D221 (10 weeks). Spiritual Care is always open to new attenders during the 10 weeks of training. No sign-up needed.
Spiritual Care II
Helping people with bad habits, grief, anger, fears, and more... - Winter 2019
Spiritual Care II is always open to new attenders during the 11 weeks of training.
Spiritual Care III


Growing closer to God in regards to your internal issues... - Spring 2019
(Hurts, shame, fears, and pain)
**Completion of SC1 and SC2 is required for attendance (9 weeks).
*Spiritual Care Training classes are for anyone interested in growing spiritually and emotionally in their relationships, whether they are considering being a Spiritual Care Giver or not.
For more questions regarding Spiritual Care, please contact Grace Baptist Church at (661) 296-8737 Ext. 150 or dan.broyles@gracebaptist.org