Relay for Life

Relay for Life

Grace had a great opportunity to be involved with the American Cancer Society and supporting the local Relay for Life. Read below for how God used the Grace family to serve our neighbors.

Received Wednesday 6/9/10
Ginny Fels
Relay for Life is an amazing way to share the love of Jesus and Grace Baptist Church! While at our booth, I was having a conversation with one young mother. She said she was returning to our GBC booth 'beacuse the people were SO FRIENDLY.' She was impressed by the care shown, especially to her young son. With my invitation to Grace, she shared that she was Jewish, but possibly she would bring her adopted son, since he was not a Jew.....I encouraged her to do so, and assured her she would find again, very friendly people to greet her on our campus, and classes for her son and for her to learn more also. What a blessing to be able to share at a community event!

Received Wednesday 6/1/10
Sally Farinola

Dom & I were helping at the Survivor's Village, the last shift, so not much was happening. He was walking around & our divine appointment began! He ran into a woman who has the same kind of cancer I for the "coincidences"...this cancer typically strikes 70 year old black men...not many 50 something women walking around with it. We both have the same oncologist and were sent to same transplant doctor. She has just finished the same first line treatments I did and will be admitted for her transplant next month. She was full of questions that I could help with and I had the beginnings of sharing my faith in the Lord. Please pray for her as she goes into the hospital next week and that God would open her heart to Him. It was a really exciting time for Dom & I... the Bible tells us we suffer so we can comfort others and so far we had only been wonderfully ministered to through this cancer experience. I know God brought me thru it & into remission for a reason and I pray that another's salvation is part of it!

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