Pray for Your Server

Pastor David introduced a unique opportunity to the Grace family . . .

"When you go out to dinner, before your food arrives, let your server know 'we'll be thanking God for our food when it arrives and would like to know if you have anything we could pray for'" Click here to share your story!

Below are some great stories from the Grace Family as we have looked for opportunities to engage people in spiritual conversations. Enjoy reading and consider some ways you might be more intentional as you look to share.

Received Friday 11/13/09
Mike Gaston

Bill Bolde and I had a different server last week than the one we had in our earlier story. When we asked her whether we could pray for her, she said yes, and then had to run to the register. Halfway there, she turned back to us and said "Please wait for me, I want to be with you when you pray." We prayed with her when she got back, and then she said "I love it when you guys do that - we have to not forget to be grateful to God." It was a neat moment.

Received Friday 11/6/09
Derrik Hubbard
Last weekend Katie and I went out to dinner with Dan and Carli Broyles. As the food was being served, Dan initiated the conversation that asked our server if we could pray for her as we thanked God for our food. Immediately she responded, "Yes!" and she gave us several requests in succession which ranged from financial to the health of her son who had been sick the entire week. I figured that she would then leave the table while we prayed for her. Instead, she stayed at the table, fully intending to BE a part of the prayer herself. Dan prayed for the food and her requests and she thanked us. When the bill came, Dan and I conspired to be the answer to our own prayer by deciding to leave her a BIG tip. After she returned from processing the check, she, almost with tears in her eyes, thanked us and went on to explain that, even today, she had been trying to scrape up $400 for the rent that was due and our expression went a long way for her. I'm not sure who felt more blessed at the end of the interaction.

Received Friday 11/6/09
Louie and Amy Gallardo
Our Grace Group has now begun to share stories of praying for our servers. We are currently reading John Ortberg’s book “If You Want To Walk On Water, You’ve Got To Get Out of The Boat. We now refer to these opportunities’ as “getting out of the boat.” As a GG leader it is a blessing to hear stories on a weekly basis now. Amy asks our servers every time she goes out if she can pray for them. Whenever we are met with skepticism, I whip out my Blackberry and show the server the list of Santa Clarita Valley servers we pray for, they usually smile and offer their prayer request. I hope to max out the memory. Blessings! Louie and Amy Gallardo.

Received Friday 10/23/09
Scott Nevius
Rich Engel and I went to lunch last Tuesday.  We told our server that we pray before we have our meals and asked how we could pray for her.  She smiled and said let me think about it.  Later she came back and told Rich and I that she didn't have anything she wanted us to pray for her about.  However, she said her mom was flying home that day and asked that we pray for her to have a safe trip, which we did.  As we left Bridgette thanked us for praying for her mom.

Received Sunday 10/11/09
Carlos de Leon
This is a wonderful idea to put our faith into action. A few weeks ago we asked our waitress if we could pray for her, she was very surprised, but asked us to pray for her son who was moving. She was touched and thanked us over and over. We now do this every time we eat out :)

Received Monday 9/28/09
Rich and Deb Petrella

After church we went to eat with the Smiths, and Ron asked the waitress if we could pray for her, she absolutely beamed and asked us to pray she'd get into nursing school. This to me is a great witness and I've never seen anyone who didn't appriciate prayer, believer or not.
David thank you for streching us.

Received Saturday 9/26/09
Don & Laurie Henry

We had an opportunity last weekend to put Pastor Dave's challenge to the test. We were out to dinner with Don's mom, Dot, and when the waitress was through taking our order Don told her that we always bless our food and was there anything that we could pray for her tonight. The waitress actually blushed and smiled and didn't answer. Finally she said, "I don't know...maybe I will think of something by dessert." We all shared a hearty laugh and throughout the evening we would say to her..."Think of anything yet?" And even though she never did, we sure enjoyed lots of smiles and laughter with her throughout our dinner time and it felt really good. :)

Received Wednesday 9/23/09
Crystal Bernal

My family and I asked our server if she wanted us to pray for her about something. She seemed kind of freaked out at first and didn't come back to our table for quite awhile. When she came back she said she would like us to pray for her mother who would be traveling in the next few days. It was a great experience I thought she would be scared off but she just had to take time to think about what she wanted us to pray for.

Received Saturday 9/19/09
Rita Davidson

I had 3 opportunities to ask 3 waitresses if I could pray for them this week, and 3 times I chickened out! Wow! And I even prayed for opportunities before I went to the restaurants! However, because of David's sermon Sat. night, it did remind me that God will use us if we only pray and look for opportunites. So this week I did get to ask 2 differnt friends that are not Christians if I could pray for them as they were both going through hard times. They both smiled and said yes thank you. Thank you David for reminding me that because I'm not dead yet, God desires to use me to share Christ with a lost and hurting world, and asking if I can pray for them is a great open door to share Christ with them!

Received Friday 9/18/09
Mark Moser

I had gone to a class in Pennsylvania. That evening I stopped for a bite to eat, they had sat me down next to a group of six people. I could not help but over here one of the ladies in the group was stressing about a program she was doing and could not find help. At this time a older couple had come up to the group and they all stood to give the older woman a hug. They were all sad and tears where flowing. I kept telling my self to get up and pray for this group. My dinner was done so I got up and walked over, I introduced myself and said I was from California. I told the older woman and the stressed young lady I'd like to pray for them. Of course they looked at me like I was a basket case from California, but they asked where in California I told them Magic Mountain area and two of the couples knew where that was. We prayed and as I was walking away I heard them say. " what a nice man". WOW did I feel good.

Received Thursday 9/17/09
Linda Dunning

Today I had the treat of taking Judi Jackson from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to lunch with a few other ministry leaders. We chose a restaurant with a large rather private table so we could have some profitable conversation. As it turned out the area was extremely noisy when we arrived due to a large luncheon they were serving right next to this area. We asked our waiter if he could possibly move us to a quieter area which he very willing did as the restaurant was not busy other than this one large group. After he took our food orders I was able to thank him for being so kind to take such good care of us in finding a better place and I explained that we would be praying for our meal and wondered if there was something we could pray for him. He leaned over and said " I believe you women will do it very well and I ask you to really pray hard that I will not get a divorce". We told him that we certainly would and that we will continue to pray for him. He had a great smile on his face. At the end of the meal we did not order dessert but he brought us the most beautifully displayed platter of an amazing dessert and he said it was because he had so enjoyed serving us. He also said that he had seen one of the ladies with a gift bag and thought it may be someone's birthday so he could do it and Judi said that she had just had a birthday so we enjoyed it in her honor. I hope to look for him again and to see how he is doing. He was genuinely touched.Thank you for the prodding Pastor David. We experienced the utter joy of seeming to lighten someones burden for a time and hopefully reminding him that there is a God that we can put our trust in.

Received Wednesday 9/16/09
Hal & Joan Ring

On Sunday evening we were out to dinner in Oxnard with Jon & Bobbie Morey. Our server was a young man named Micah. I told him we would be praying and asked how we could be praying for him. He paused for a moment and asked us to pray for "wisdom in making a decision". Micah seemed very pleased to be our server. Of course we tipped him well.

Received Tuesday 9/15/09
Kay Dobbins

Debbie Broyles and I went to lunch yesterday and when we asked our server if we could pray for him, he immediately said, "Yes! Pray for my son, Jose, who has colitis and will be having surgery." He was smiling the whole time we were there.

Received Tuesday 9/15/09
Mike Gaston

Bill Bolde and I asked our server how we could pray for her this morning and she asked us to pray for some decisions she has coming up. We've known her for years and have prayed for her before, so there wasn't a "surprise" element to the question, but she was definitely pleased to be asked, and to be included in our prayer time.

Received Monday 9/14/09
Henry & Kimberly Sanders

Kimberly and I went out to dinner on Sunday. We decided to make our move and ask our server (Stephanie) if we could pray for her in someway. I must say, we were a little apprehensive at first; therefore, we waited until our food arrived before springing our request on Stephanie.We mentioned to Stephanie that we wanted to pray for her as we thanked God for our meal. We could not get our request out before Stephanie almost started to cry. She said that her dad had been going through a tough time since his wife had fallen sick about a year ago. Stephanie asked if we could pray for both of them. As she shared this story with us…she said that she needed to leave because she did not want to cry in front of us. She was so touched that someone (strangers mind you) would want to pray for her and for her family that she was overcome with emotion.As Stephanie walked away, Kimberly and I thanked God for our dinner and we also prayed that God’s will would be done and/or revealed in Stephanie’s and her family’s lives. We shared with Stephanie our prayer request for her when she returned to our table to check on us. She was so thankful. We then invited her to visit Grace for worship services. She shared that her family had attended Grace in the past but they were not currently active. She even shared that her Dad had spoken with someone at Grace about his wife’s medical condition.Kimberly and I finished our meal feeling very special that we had taken a leap of faith and by doing so we had touched (i.e. laid the seed of salvation in) someone in a small way and perhaps renewed their “faith” and/or interest in attending church on a regular basis. As we walked out of the restaurant and approached the door to exit, Stephanie flagged us down and once again thanked us for taking the time to pray for her and her family. P.S. We attend the 9am worship service and have enjoyed the cell phone surveys!

Received Monday 9/14/09
Bryan & Leslie Kunkle

After serving in AWANA Monday night, we decided to go out to eat and rise to Pastor Hegg's challenge. As our waitress took our order, I explained to her that as always, we were going to pray for our food. I then asked if we could pray for her in a specific way. Her face glowed as of a child wanting to be called upon because they had the answer to a question. Her response: "Can you pray for my boyfriend who works here part-time and is looking for full-time work in the movie industry. We asked how long they had been dating along with a few other non-threatening questions. When we had finished our meal and paid the bill, she greeted us with her arm under her boyfriend's arm. Her face alight with excitement and pride. It was as if she had been offered one wish and choose to give it to her boyfriend. Our daughter Jaclyn had also left her a note at the table stating: "We are praying 4 U!"

Received Monday 9/14/09
Sandy Davis

What a joy to put the 'challenge' to the test. Sunday after church our whole family went to celebrate my nephews 25th birthday. Our server told us her name and after she asked what we wanted to order I explained that when our food arrived we would ask God's blessing on the food and wanted to know if there was anything we could pray for her. She was graciously stunned, thought for a moment then said "my son". After more conversation we discovered he is 11 months old named Anthony and that he and his daddy were at church (she works every Sunday).We did pray for her and her son, what a thrill!As we left the restaurant she made a point of thanking us for praying for her saying it was so great to hear someone praying for her and her son.Thanks for the suggestion Pastor!

Received Monday 9/14/09
David W. Hegg

Sunday evening Cherylyn and I had dinner with the Bucks, Haleen's and Erdmans. Howard Buck asked Angie - our server - if we could pray for something for her. She asked us to pray for her family's health. So, right there, we did it. She stayed by the table, grasped our hands, and I prayed for her, and thanked the Lord for her and her family, asking that He would be gracious to them in extending health. It was great, she was touched, and throughout our meal she kept coming by and it made the time all the more meaningful.

Received Monday 9/14/09
Jim and Sandra Hubbard

Yesterday, Sunday, after church we went to Subway, went through the line ordering and paying for our sandwiches. When we sat down at our table and bowed our heads, in an explosion of memory, I jumped up and said, "We forgot to ask our sandwichmaker if she had something we could pray for." We both went back and before we could get the words out, she had a huge smile and said in somewhat broken English, "Yes, my daughter is away from me. Pray that we can be together." This woman had come from Iran, but her older daughter was over 21 and needed her own visa, which she had not been able to get. We prayed that she would get it this week.We assured her that we would return to hear how God would answer this prayer. This woman was extremely appreciative and we were so very, very grateful that we had not missed this opportunity.