Portugal 2011


Dates:  July 27 – August 7
Ministry Partner:  GBC members Sam and Tracey Schwartz, serving in Porto, Portugal
Ministry Focus:  Hiking evangelism on the St. James Way

This year the Grace team will hike on the St. James Way, looking for opportunities to share their faith with fellow hikers.   


Updated Wednesday, August 3
Phone call from Larry Chapin

The nature of the team's ministry, hiking evangelism on the St. James Way, gives little opportunity for internet connections, so news has been sparse.  But Larry called the church today to tell us that things are going very well, the team is doing great, and everyone is healthy.  There have been lots of opportunities to minister and share truth, and the team is encouraged.  Keep praying for them as they head toward the town of Santiago, where they will arrive this weekend before flying home.

Updated Thursday, July 28
After being prayed off yesterday by a large and enthusiastic crowd of family and friends, the Portugal team traveled without incident and has arrived in Porto.  They are with Sam and Tracey Schwartz, getting to know their church planting ministry prior to starting the outreach on the St. James Way.