Nicaragua 2013


Dates:  June 9 - 19
Ministry Partner:
  Evangelical Spanish Mission
Ministry Focus:
  Outreach, VBS, medical campaign, construction, leadership training

We are once again thrilled to offer a trip to Nicaragua under the leadership of our Spanish Ministries Pastor, David Cea. Nicaragua is a country ripe for the harvest, and churches there are growing fast. Depending on the skills and gifts of the team members, ministry could include outreach ministries, VBS, a medical campaign, food distribution, construction, and leadership training. Spanish fluency is required for this ministry.

Updated Thursday, June 20
The Nicaragua GO Team returned home safely and without incident last night, grateful for your prayers and celebrating God's goodness to them and through them.  Please make plans to attend the GO Team Celebration on Sunday night, September 15, where you can hear from this team and from the others that took God's grace to the nations this year.

Updated Tuesday, June 18
This afternoon we finished our second afternoon in this community. We left half of the material here and the other half goes to the church in Las Cortezas. We concluded the afternoon with water balloon toss, piñatas for all the groups, gifts, 8 soccer balls, etc., and the lesson on life in Jesus Christ. We also gave tracks to those outside the church as we were breaking piñatas.

Our numbers were these: Total attendees = 320 both days , 90% children. New converts and recommitments = 170   

At closing many of the children remained and wanted us to stay longer, asked for us to return and pleaded for pictures with the group and also individual ones. This church also received 20 Bolsas de Esperanza for 20 of their most needy families. There were 100 Bolsas for all the communities with a cost of approximately $20.00 each.

Before we left the elders and the pastor prayed for us, for our safety, and surprised us with souvenir gifts for each one of us; very moving.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and it's our day off. We are very grateful to God that our labor is done here and that He had prepared His children for us. We are very thankful also that Grace Baptist  sent us to preach the gospel, and are thankful for your prayers and support. 

Updated Monday, June 17
Two updates

Update #1
Yesterday we finished our events at Pilas del Occidente. Between the 2 afternoons we ministered to more than 550,  mostly children and approximately 100 adults. Of these, 75% made a decision of some kind. Our team was very happy and honored to have been used so mightily of Our Lord.

We gave baby clothing to about 30 families and gave the Bolsas de Esperanza to another 20 very needy families!!! Many small gifts were given to all the children along with our very special lesson which include crafts, erasers, crayons, water balloons, pencils, coloring pages, etc. Since it was our 2nd and last  afternoon here, the 4 piñatas for children up to 16 years old, and one for the young mothers were broken.

Thank you for your faithful prayers. 

Update #2
In this community we ministered  2 days, and the total amount of people that came was approximately 550. Of this total, the number who indicated a spiritual decision was about 200.  

We distributed another 20 Bolsas de Esperanza to 20 of the church's families.  This community is very poor, and the number of members is just about 50.  The total amount of offerings each month is about $40.00, and this church helps the community even with this low amount of offerings. This is the church for which our Hispanic members collected the amount of $600.00 to buy the windows.  Those pictures will follow later.  

Tomorrow our team will be ministering in 2 communities.  In the morning we will be in Pilas del Occidente, and in the afternoon, we will be going to Piedras Quemadas.  This will be the most activity filled day for the team and we expect a huge turnout again. 

Please pray for us, for His Spirit to guide us and strengthen us, that our transport  be safe and that the roads will be driveable.  There has been rain all afternoon today and it is also expected for tomorrow.

Updated Thursday, June 13
E-mail from Maria

Second and last day at El Tunel: 137 children and 40 adults. 20% were members of the congregation.  The rest were unbelievers that came invited for the first time by some members of this congregation.

Because of an unexpected storm we were ready with plan B, and Carolina Cea gave the lesson under the roofed part of the church. We had 4 different pinatas for the children which included one for the young mothers and women that came. These young mothers and adult women enjoyed this activity as much as the children did!

 After the storm passed, more children came. About 80 children and adults stood up to indicate a spiritual decision. Bolsas de Esperanza were distributed among 20 families, and 9 single mothers, some pregnant again, received a bags with 2 sets of clothes for their young infant child.

Updated Wednesday, June 12
E-mail from Maria

Want to update on our progress here in Nicaragua up to our second day.  Yesterday the first community that we visited was Las Cortezas.  There were about 93 children and adults that were already waiting for us. 45 children and 7 adults responded to our teaching with a spiritual decision.

We had a Pastor team that arrived from El Salvador and together with our GO Team helped in the ministering and also helped us distribute 20 Bolsas de Espeanza to some of the church families. One family left the church in one of the local horse driven carts. Today the church that we visited was more of a challenge to decorate, because there were no walls on the sides, but this did not hinder the Spirit of the Lord to move their hearts. Of 127 children and 34 adults that came, 93 made a spiritual decision.    Tomorrow expect our new report.

Updated Monday, June 10
E-mail from David

Praise the Lord we are in Masaya, Nicaragua! We did not have any problem at all, and are ready to lead our first VBS in Las Cortezas. Please say hi to eveyone. 

Updated Sunday, June 9
The Nicaragua team left this afternoon for LAX, after a prayerful farewell at Grace.  Thank you for your prayers as they start this journey.