Lucio & Cristina Stanisci


Lucio and Cristina with their children Rebecca, Davide,and Mattia

Lucio & Cristina Stanisci

Perugia, Italy


Ministry Overview: Lucio is a graduate of The Masters Seminary and has returned to his homeland, Italy, to pastor a church in Perugia. Bible-teaching evangelical churches are rare in Italy, and the team that is formed around the Staniscis are well-placed to make a significant impact for the gospel in a country that needs it.

Where they live: Perugia, Italy

Prayer Requests: Please pray with the Staniscis that the World of God will spread rapidly through:

  • The establishing of the church, Centro Evangelico Battista.
  • Expository preaching, leadership development, and church planting.
  • Radio ministry and TV ministry.
  • Evangelism to university students.