Local Mission at Grace


The Grace family lives on mission by reaching into the community as gospel messengers, faithfully speaking and modeling the Good News as we trust God to make and multiply Christ-followers for his glory.


Local missions is not about an event or a program—it’s about mobilizing the family of Grace to live with pursue the lost in all the areas of life in which God has placed them. Mission is neither a task nor a function, it is an identity to embrace (2 Corinthians 5:18-20). We embrace this identity in three primary ways:

Discipleship Mobilization—The discipleship platforms at Grace are our primary way to encourage the GBC family, through accountability and prayer, to pursue the lost with the hope of the Gospel.

Mission Communities—Of similar importance is helping the GBC family think about pursuing relationships with the lost in a particular area of their life. In highlighting a one facet of life (coaching, parenting, work, neighborhood), we learn a paradigm of redemptive intentionality that can spread to every area of life. Best of all, we can grow and evangelize in community together. 

Community Outreach—Involvement with local organizations facilitates relationships between the GBC family the needy of our community with the goal of providing physical care and a platform for gospel ministry. Good works in our community allow us the privilege to model the love of Christ and speak the truth of Christ. While vital, these opportunities come in addition to the normal sphere of influence each Christian has.

In each of these three areas, the goal is to provide the biblical vision to live on mission, the equipping necessary to fulfill the mission, and a platform to celebrate God’s work in using the GBC family to draw sinners to himself.

Date: April 28
Team Leader: Fred Fels
Ministry Partner: AWANA Lifeline (www.awana.org/lifeline), LA Country Sherriff Dept.
Ministry Focus: Ministry to inmates and their families.
Ministry Description: Grace will once again bring the children of inmates into the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic in a gospelcentered event designed to turn the hearts of fathers back to their children. There will also be a ministry to the caregivers of the children on the Grace campus at the same time. Scores of people are needed to provide a safe and Christ-centered atmosphere for this unique outreach. Training day for the event will be Saturday, April 8.
Estimated Cost per person: $50



*Please fill out the application on Returning Hearts Celebration website above.
*4 week Grace U classes not required for this outreach event.