Internet Evangelism 2010

Internet Evangelism

Dates: April – August, 2010  
Ministry Partner: Global Media Outreach (
Ministry Focus: Internet Evangelism and follow-up of new believers

Through a variety of evangelistic web sites, Global Media Outreach receives thousands of e-mails per day from people all over world indicating an interest in Christ or a recent decision to become a Christ-follower.  From the comfort of their home computer, these team members respond to those e-mails and touch people for Christ all over the world. 

September 14
Marion writes:
Dear Praying Friends,    
Thank you so much for upholding this Internet Discipleship Ministry in prayer these past 5 months. I will be continuing indefinitely, because the Lord has showed me that He wants to use me to encourage those whom He brings to Himself through the Internet. This is a wide open field and the workers are few in comparison to the need. (Matt. 9:37)  Again, I want to remind you of the Summer Missions Celebration Sunday, Sept. 19th, at 6:00 p.m. at Grace Baptist. At that time you will be given the opportunity to sign up for the next 7 month time-period, to work with us in this online evangelism/discipleship. Pray about it and join us, as God leads you.    

This month’s work has been different than the ones before, because I have spent a good bit of my time discipling a couple individuals with specific needs. One for whom you prayed last month, Joseph from Kenya wrote back, “I’m feeling lighter inwards. I thank you for taking your precious time to engage with God on my behalf. I can now face God, something I’ve not done (for some time). I supposedly found cosmetic comfort in this broken world” (referring to his addiction to beer).  Boaz, also from Kenya, recommited his life to Christ and asked prayer to remain focused to Christ and His word. He then wrote back, "I’m happy with my decision. I am not married but have a love for children and am undertaking a degree in Early Childhood & Primary (education). Thank God for your prayers.” Kaye from Wisconsin, Recommited her life and expressed her need to find a church in her area. “I am desperate to go to church.” At Pastor Jim’s recommendation, I sent her a church name along with encouragement from the Word. She was deeply touched by Psalm 40, and told me that “God is in process of pulling me out of a pit. . . I’m out, but . . . I still go back to nurse my wounds. . .Thank you for praying for me.”    

The most exciting contact has been with Carol from Michigan. She came to  saying that she had recommited her life, but after 5 interchanges with her, I realized from the story of her early childhood that she was almost totally ignorant of the Bible, had never prayed, and didn’t know how. After giving careful explanation and a prayer for her to pray for salvation, she then wrote back, “Thank you. I prayed the prayer. . . but I didn’t get down on my knees because I didn’t know it off the top of my head. . . Will I feel any different tomorrow?” Since then I have been giving her bite-sized Bible studies in the Gospels, with a couple questions each time to answer back to me. She has written every day with her answers and a brief summary of what she understands the passage to mean. One day I gave her the Heb. 4:14-16 passage to read over several times and tell me what she felt. She replied, “That passage really did touch my heart” and then summarized what it meant to her. What a thrill that was for me to see that SHE GETS IT! I have directed her to Campus Crusade and she has signed up with them just this past week as well as another Christian group on her campus. She writes, “I’m excited about the whole thing.” Please continue to pray for Carol that she may find solid Christians to be her friends and be drawn into a good church fellowship and STAY in the Word daily.    

Since April, I have responded to 144 e-mails, with 65 replies back to my responses. Many do not write back for whatever reason. I leave that in God’s hands, praying that the Word will continue its work, and that they may have found others in their areas to continue God’s work in their lives. What a joy it will be to meet these in heaven and see their faces for the first time---redeemed from “every tribe, tongue, people, and nation”. Rev. 5:9  And YOU will share in that joy, knowing that you have prayed and God has worked! Praise be to our wonderful Lord God!

August 16
Fred and Ginny write:
We could share so many stories of how our Lord has touched the lives of  many through this technology.  One stands out from a young man by the name of Victor writing from Ghana.  He says this, “MY PARENTS ARE IDOL WORSHIPERS AND MY ENTIRE HOUEHOLD BUT I HAVE ACCEPTED CHRIST NOW BUT FAMILY WILL KILL ME IF THEY FOUND OUT. THEY WILL SOON FOUND OUT BECAUSE I WILL NOT ATTEND THIER MEETING ANYMORE.  PLEASE WHAT SHOULD I DO TO KEEP TO MY NEW FAITH?”  

Please pray for Victor!  How do you think that you might respond to this statement and question?  Although this question is not typical, several things came to mind as we prayerfully considered the response…but the overwhelming thought surfaced as to how little we have had to suffer for the kingdom as compared to others. 

Many new Christ followers and many recommitments to Christ have come to our inboxes.  Most are not as dramatic as above.  We encourage them to pray, connect with a local church and study  a discipleship program online.  We also ask them to write back so we can be partner with them in prayer and try to answer questions they might have.  

We have been so impacted by this ministry that it is our intention to continue even though our original commitment to five months is coming to an end.  The need is so great.  We just received notification from GMO that since we began in March they have grown from 3,500 online missionaries to 5,200.  As wonderful as that is they estimate that the need will be to have 135,000 online missionaries to handle the estimated demand within the next 18 months.  To that end we would ask that you pray that the Lord would encourage people to respond to this opportunity as “the field is white unto harvest”!

We invite you to a special evening service at Grace Baptist Church to hear reports from all of the Missionary Ministries from this summer. You will hear how God has worked all over the world! It will be on Sunday, September 19th at 6pm.  Please come visit with us then!   Grace will also be ‘opening up’ the GMO Ministry  that evening to any  interested in learning more or participating.  Let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to join us in ministry with GMO.

August 3
Bob writes:
As of the end of July 2010 I have had 180 contacts with people around the world who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, have recommitted their live to Christ, or are still searching. As i write this email there have been contacts with 42 different countries, and 13 states from this country. 3 people have listed only "USA" and no state. I currently have ongoing conversations with 14 people mostly from African nations.

A quick story; a church in Zambia asked their Pastor to vacate the pastorate as he was not preaching or teaching from God's Word, the Bible, and was considered heretical for his behavior. His response was that he was praying that every one of their homes would burn to the ground and they would all die. Pray that this fellowship of believers will find a new Pastor who meets the qualities and qualifications Paul outlined in the Bible. Pray also for safety for this church and its members.

I ask you to pray for Derick from Namibia and healing of his marriage, Rita from Zambia as she care for two nephews and her own two children and searches for permanent employment, Kyosh from Uganda as she seeks God's direction in her life and seeks a lifetime partner, Angie from Alameda, CA, as she seeks a church for her and her family, and for me that I may be clear in stating God's word and build lasting relationships with those I email. 

Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."

July 9
Marion writes:

Has it occurred to you how BUSY God is all over the world drawing people to Himself? As these emails come in day after day on the GMO websites, they represent individuals everywhere who are responding to the Lord to Receive Jesus, to Recommit to Jesus, or to Inquire further about Him. Thus far I have had 95 initial contacts with 20 replies. Some recently have said “I am a Christian and want to learn how to share my faith with others”—Fbn from Ghana and Nicole from United Arab Emirates.  Praise God for those who reach out despite opposition in their countries!

Please pray specifically for these: Soria from Virginia. She has recommited her life to Christ, is a single mom with a 16 yr. old daughter, and has some distressing circumstances. She says, “I know God has a plan for me..I feel like I lost myself and have no sense of direction.” Susan from Kenya received Christ, has also lost her job and wants to go to college but can’t afford the fees. “Please pray for me, I’m confused.”  Catherine from Kenya wrote back for the first time after 2 months since she received Christ, praising God for all He has done in her life and her son’s life. She is active in a Bible Fellowship, is seeing God work through that ministry, and mentions a “Crusade” coming in August, for which they have prayer meetings each week. No word back yet from those inquiring about Jesus: Michael, Faith, Afrimpo, and Sherry. But God is AT WORK throughout His world!

Thanks for praying!

July 8
Our ministry partner, Global Media Outreach, sent us the following summary of our team's ministry so far.

E-mail senders to your team indicated the following:                                                                         
First-time decisions for Christ: 744                        
Re-dedications to our Lord: 410                        
Seekers for more information: 74           
Total e-mails responded to by your team in 2010: 1,228

Here are some of the many questions we have received: (Names hidden to protect the senders) 
"Why did Christ die for my sins? Why should He take so much pain for my sins?"  S, India
"How can I make sure that God still loves me? Or how can I know the existing of God? If you explain me I will appreciate you."  A, Turkey
"How do I accept as Christian even if a Hindu; my parents do not like it but I have lot faith on Jesus."  P, India
"Lord Jesus; how can I realize your favor! Who am I?!"  N, Vietnam
"I liked this site and through this sites I want to learn more about Christ and want to commit my life to Him for ever and I want to get some teaching about Him."  N, Qatar
"How Can Jesus Save me…the Sinner" A, Indonesia 

Praise God for the way He is using modern technology to take His good news around the world!  Pray for our team of on-line missionaries as they respond to these important questions.  And consider joining their ministry when we open it up to new members in the Fall.

July 6
Bob Conant writes:
This is just a note to let you know how the Internet Mission is going on my part. As of July 4, 2010 I have had 134 responses to emails from 28 different countries besides the USA, and 7 states plus the District of Columbia. I have not kept track of their decisions, but most are for receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior.  A few have requested more information about Christ, and a third have recommitted to Christ.

I have 8 ongoing conversations in Honduras, Ghana, Namibia, Lagos, Malawi, India, and the state of Virginia. I ask you to pray for Rita in Zambia specifically as she is the only one working in her household. She lives with her parents and her two children, and her two nephews who are orphans as their father was killed some time ago. She is a single parent and a lady filled with love and grace. We correspond about every two weeks. I have not heard from Trinity, the girl in Virginia in a couple of weeks, but I did send a note to see how they are all doing.

I receive at least 1 email a day, and usually volunteer for another email daily. Keep the ministry in prayer and watch God work! Lam. 3:32 says " Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for His compassions will never fail. they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, 'The LORD is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.'" 

June 28
Cherly Heavens writes:
Dear friends,

I have been an "online missionary" since April, and will continue through August 2010 as part of the short-term Internet Mission Team from Grace Baptist Church. I have responded to over 89 first-time emails from all over the world including Kenya, Côte d`Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Egypt, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, India, even the Sudan. Oh, and yes some from the good old USA.

These are a few examples of the initial questions that I have received (sentence structure is original and not been changed):
· Want to know how to read bible
· Pray father to come back
· How to turn away from sin?
· Will Jesus help me get good wife?
· Need a job to stop thinking of evil
· What is Kismat?
· Who is this inner man inside of me yelling recommitment to Christ?
· Pray for marriage
· How can somebody believes in bible when even we are not sure the stuff in it is correct……..
· How would you hear from God and be witnessing effectively?

As you can see the email comments/questions vary widely. But our goal is to point them to Jesus, provide tools for them to use to learn more about Him, and answer questions as they come up. Also to pray over each and every email, question and concern.

Your continued prayers for me are much appreciated. Please pray that:
· God gives me the words/answers to meet the needs of each individual person.
· I will not be too tired each night to give my best to the person I am responding to.
· The percent of replies will continue to increase, as this is how we can get the information into their hands for Christian maturity and growth.
· Pray that the knowledge they gain will fill them with "beautiful treasures" (see below)

"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. A wise man has great power, and a man of knowledge increases strength." Proverbs 24:3-5

Cheryl ~

June 8
Marion Morey writes:
Dear Prayer Partners,    
These last few days of emails have been particularly exciting--and challenging. I'll summarize just 5 for you to pray specifically.

* "How can I accept Jesus?" This question came after two other emails in which he had clicked on "received Jesus" or "recommit". To me, this was a clear call for a simple gospel message (like I responded to as a child) with scriptures and a step-by-step prayer.  Pray for Michael from U.A.E. that he will truly take this step.

* "I am a child of God as Jesus was..." He clicked on "not received Jesus, want to investigate more." I gave him John 1:1,14 and 12. I also asked him to read the Gospel of John with an open heart, asking God to reveal Himself as He shows you, then follow the truth. We have several more websites which I sent him to check out. Pray for Zoila in Connecticut that God will speak truth to his heart.

* "Pray for the fruit of the Holy Spirit in my life. My wife and daughter say I am very hard." This came after my first email to him. After relating a story with similar circumstances, and scriptures, I wrote out my prayer for him. Pray for Sal in Illinois.

* "I'm I now true born again? If yes how do I dress like one?" She clicked on "recommit". I gave her verses to reassure her that God keeps His promise. Her desire indicated to me that she was sincere. I encouraged her to dress modestly, and have a quiet spirit as God directs us in 1 Pet. 3:1-5 and 1 Tim. 2:9. Pray for Shewa in Nigeria.

* "...I pray each day 2 my God to take this disease away 4rm me ..I love Jesus my Lord and my savior." This is my 4th response from Constance in So. Africa. Pray for her to have the courage to tell someone about her HIV report, and ask God to heal her. She expresses strong faith in the "Almighty who makes miracles." I encouraged her to live each day for the Lord in whatever years He gives her.   

This should give you plenty to pray for, along with all the others whom I have not named but in whose hearts the Lord is working.

Your missionary to "the World",

May 11
Fred and Ginny Fels write:
"Hi, just wanted to give you a short update on the 'Global Mission Outreach Opportunities' that we have been working on this past month with Grace Baptist Church Summer Missions Program.   First, thanks so very much for agreeing to pray for this opportunity to share about the Good News with people from all over the world!  It is truly amazing to see such a wide variety of men and women logging on to the internet to find info about Jesus, and how to follow Him.  We have been in contact with those from over 30 countries, including the USA....right from our own desk every morning! Between the two of us, and our e-mail inquires thru GMO, over 50 have made 1st time decisions to follow Christ, and there are many rededications, and lot's of questions asked.  Again, it is amazing! ...note these #'s are only Fels #'s....GMO online missionaries worldwide contact thousands a day! The internet makes the world very 'small.'

Once again, THANK YOU for praying for us....and please continue to pray those we come in contact with every day via the internet!   Grace to you! Fred & Ginny"