Grace Groups

What is a Grace Group?

Grace is a large church, but our Grace Groups help make a large church small!

Small enough for building relationships, making a friend, applying the Scriptures and praying for one another. These neighborhood-based small groups meet weeknights all over our valley... there's probably one near you!


A few comments from those impacted by Grace Groups . . .

"The Grace Group has generated insights into the bible teaching and inspires Christian action. Sharing with the Grace Group makes me less self-centered as we share our prayer requests as a group."

"The bond we've formed in the short period we've attended is amazing . We were welcomed with open arms and felt a part of the group immediately."

" I love sharing prayer with my friends and neighbors. Our Grace Group gives us a place to live out God's command to 'bear one another's burdens".

"Being a Grace Group leader challenges me to know the Word better."

"I can't imagine being without a small group. It brings joy into my life to be able to minister to the group, or individuals in the group."

"My Grace Group has kept me consistently in the Word. I've met new friends, there's someone to pray for me and for me to pray for and most importantly it has helped me to pray out loud! It has also forced me to vacuum the living room at least once a week!"

Grace Groups Staff
Gabe Garcia