Free Garage Sale

Grace to You . . . Free Garage Sale

During the spring each year Grace holds a free garage sale for those in our community who have needs. The Grace family contributes furniture, appliances and other household items that are provided at no cost to Garage Sale guests. Take a few minutes to enjoy what God has done through this unique ministry.

Received Wednesday 5/17/10
Jerry Mayes
My wife Helen and I worked the garage sale this year for the first time and it was a very rewarding experience for us. Our job was to welcome and assist those who came to shop for an item. The story I would like to share is about a little girl probably 7-8 who came with her mom. Her mom also had a small baby and they needed furniture for their apartment. As we walked through the parking spaces shopping the little girl was very excited about all the furniture possibilities and she also kept telling her mom she wanted her own children's bible. I told her we would get her a kid's bible to take home, but later found out there were none available. Since her words kept ringing in my ears, "mommy I want my own bible" I told her we would see that she got her bible. We purchased and mailed a bible to her and now we are praying that God will use His Word and this little girl to bring her family to Him. Also I wanted to thank Sheri and Steve for the great job organizing this event, but I also want to thank John Thompson who help coordinate deliveries to the homes. John's enthusiasm and friendly personality was great to work with and as I told him he truly is the "Face of Grace Baptist." Jerry Mayes

Received Wednesday 4/28/10
Sheri Stimson
Grace Family, Thank you so much for the tremendous generosity of spirit, servant hood, and giving we experienced this last weekend at the Free Garage Sale! It was a great day! We had an abundant supply of furniture and appliances to give to our guests. Several were able to share their stories of how Christ has saved and transformed their lives. We we were able to encourage about 120 guest families and we praise God for the 8 people who made decisions to follow Christ!