East Asia 2012

East Asia

Dates: April 13-26
Ministry Partner: Grace Missionaries
Ministry Focus: Outreach to university students
This team will build relationships with university students. East Asian students will serve as "tour guides" for our team members to practice their English skills. The team, with the students, will tour historical sites, eat meals and visit a variety of places in town. The goal of this is to ultimately have some significant spiritual conversations with the students.

Updated Tuesday, May 1

Dear Ones,

We apologize for our lack of updates on our trip:  we were instructed that we could only use VPN and it was very difficult to access.  Three of us arrived back safely on Thursday night, and J&C arrived back last night.  We thank you for your prayers, He was faithful to answer them.  We were able to do the things we intended, had many in-depth conversations, and our trip was fruitful.  Please send us your mailing address and will will get you the complete written report.

Serving our King together,
the E.A. team

Updated Tuesday, April 17
Hi friends and family. Another uneventful flight landed us in our final destination. We have been very thankful for great weather and good health this far in the trip. Please continue to keep this in the front of your minds as we still have a little over a week left here and health is fickle in other countries.

Today (April 17th) we met up with some friends and were briefed on our plans over the remainder of our trip. This evening we will have our first opportunity for interaction and are looking forward to see where we are led.

Sincerely, James and the rest of the team

Updated Monday, April 15

Hello from East Asia! After a non-eventful plane ride we landed safely in East Asia with little or no jet-lag. Over the past 2 days we have been learning the culture and getting familiar with the people of this area in order to have a better connection with the students we will be spending time with.  It has been amazing to learn about the rich history and culture of this area and we feel that it has been an essential part of the trip.  We will be leaving our current city this after noon (April 16th) to fly to the city where we will be spending the remainder of our time.  Please be keeping us in mind as we will be speaking with our students. We are really hoping for insightful conversations which will lead to lasting impacts in the student's and our lives.

Sincerely, James and the rest of the team

Updated Friday, April 13
The East Asia team was prayed off the hill Friday night, and we received word from the team that they arrived safely in the capital city of their destination country. They'll spend a couple days in that location until they join their friends.