Chapter 3 Grace Groups

Chapter 3 Grace Groups

Looking to dive deeper into our community?

The local church is necessary and rightly experienced in the context of real, meaningful and deep relationships. Start the process of building those relationships by attending and committing yourself to one of our local Grace Groups. In our Grace Groups, we seek to share life together, encourage one another and impact the community as we grow in our understanding of God and His word. It’s not difficult, and it’s not flashy, but it is necessary. We’re pleased to host several different Grace Groups throughout the week:

Sunday Evenings @ 7:00pm – Leaders: Jonn & Kimberly Eidem

Monday Evenings @ 7:30pm – Leaders: Scott & Cindy Danielson

Women's Group – Monday Evenings @ 7:30pm – Leaders: Jen Tucker & Rachel Gibbs

Tuesday Evenings @ 7:30pm – Leader: Barry Moore

Wednesday Evenings @ 6:30pm – Leaders: David & Stephanie Foglesong

Wednesday Evenings @ 9:00pm – Leaders: John & Mary Beck

For more information regarding Grace Groups, please email Barry Moore at