With God’s grace and truth our mission is to love God, love one another, & love our community 

Upcoming Care and Marriage Events:

  • Coffee & Questions
             How to make time for your marriage w/Pastor David & Cherylyn Hegg - April 26th at 4:15pm in Room D221
  • Sacred Marriage Group
             Begins Wednesday, 5/3, at 7pm, off-campus. Sign-up with Melanie.Bunn@gracebaptist.org
  • Womens Family Patterns Group
             Begins Wednesday, 5/3, at 9am. More info at: www.gracebaptist.org/caregroups
  • Grief Care 4 Kids (elementary age)
             Begins Wednesday, 5/3, at 6:30pm for 5 weeks. Register at www.gracebaptist.org/care-group-signup
             *GriefShare for adults will also be meeting at the same time.

We work to accomplish this mission through three avenues of ministry:

Care Groups
Whether you are carrying a significant burden in your life, looking to improve your relationships or desire to grow personally and spiritually, we have a place for you.  Care Groups help you find, trust and follow God through the challenges while connecting with others for encouragement and support.   

Let us help you . . .
• Learn to trust God and lean on one another
• Let go of the past, bitterness and destructive relationships
• Form relationships that will make a difference in your spiritual growth.
Visit the Care Groups Page

Spiritual Care
Spiritual Care is "one-to-one" conversation where life’s challenging issues can be addressed.  It provides biblically-based guidance for the purpose of healing, restoration and living lives honoring to God, in a safe and caring environment.
Visit the Spiritual Care Page

Grace Family Care
Pastoral Care is a ministry of encouragement that exists to support the family of Grace as they encounter the challenges of life.  This ministry is under the direction of Pastor Geoff Beckwith and include:  Care Circle, Care Fund, Funeral Care, Hospital Visitation.
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