Amanda Howard

Amanda Howard




Ministry Overview: Amanda, a member of Grace, serves as principal of The International Christian School of Vienna. The school uses an American-style curriculum taught by Bible-believing Christian teachers, and it is accredited by ACSI and the Vienna Ministry of Education. The student body is made up of 30% missionary students, 28% Austrian students, and 42% international students. By being an affordable, quality, American-style school, The International Christian School of Vienna can draw in people who would normally never set foot into the door of a church. This provides the opportunity for Amanda to share the Lord with students who may have never been given this chance.

Where she lives: Vienna, Austria. Amanda writes, "Austria is not post-Christian, it is pre-Christian! Unlike much of Europe, Protestant Christianity never had a foothold in Austria; Reformations were destroyed by the Catholic Church. Atheism and post-modernism currently rule Austria. 20% of the population in Vienna is Muslim. Fortunately, many young people are open to hearing a new way of hope.

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