$1 Car Wash

$1 Car Wash - Now that's a deal . . . It may not be what you think.

Here is what was handed out to those who came to get their car washed . . .
Since you came to this Car Wash expecting to pay $1, you’re probably surprised to be on the receiving end of a buck.  But you see, we aren’t doing this as a fund-raiser.  We’re glad to serve our community, and washing your car was a privilege for us – thanks for allowing us to help. Enjoy your clean car! Your friends at Grace Baptist Church

Below are some of the stories of people who washed cars that day.

Received Friday 11/15/09
Mike Gaston

I think this was the most exciting off-campus servant evangelism event we'veever had. We held it in the KMart parking lot, had over 70 cars washed in 4hours, and had multiple opportunites to talk with people. The looks on theirfaces when we gave them a dollar were priceless - "wait a minute - you're payingME to wash MY car?" We explained that we just want to serve them, and since wetry to represent Christ, and we know He wouldn't charge them, we choose not to.This led to multiple questions like "Who are you guys, where do you meet, whyare you doing this?" They sat in our waiting area, read and took with them lotsof outreach material, and had smiles on their faces the entire time. This is akeeper!

Received Friday 11/16/09
Steve Kilker

I had the opportunity to chat with a couple while we washed their car. They were amazed that anyone would do this for free let alone receive a dollar in return. I told them that I sensed they were people of faith and they explained that they were Jewish. Dee regaled me with stories of her husband's acts of kindness and sacrifice in building a hospital in Africa. After a while Art told me that he hoped he would receive some "credit" for his good deeds. He was sincere and a bit wistful. This allowed me to briefly explain that there are some things we simply cannot earn. I asked him to read the message attached to his dollar bill and both he and Dee gladly accepted Gospel tracts before our time together was over. I don't know what else I could have done Saturday morning that would have lead to a priceless conversation such as this. You see when God's people are out doing things, things happen. Thanks to all who participated. Hope to see you soon.